Collaborative Medicine

The Larner College of Medicine is a participant in the Global Health Program at the Western Connecticut Health Network, now part of Nuvance Health. The breadth of opportunities for our students, residents, and staff to acquire global health experience distinguishes our medical education program from others, strengthens our position as a leading teaching and research institution, and helps us attract the best and brightest health care professionals.

Building Awareness

UVM Larner College of Medicine and Western Connecticut Health Network, and several medical teaching institutions around the world have created international partnerships with the vision of improving patient care and medical education through cooperation and the exchange of ideas. It is hoped that exposure to vastly different health care systems and socioeconomic structures will foster a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by partner countries in providing high quality care to their under served populations.The fundamental goal of this partnership is the improvement of patient care. 

Annual Report

2018 Global Health Report


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Photography Showcase

 Students attend the Photography Showcase

View the photos submitted by medical students, nursing students and residents for the Global Health Celebration at the College of Medicine here >>

The UVM and Western Connecticut Health Network Global Health Program: Reflections

Reflections 2017 



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