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Family Medicine is defined by the American Board of Family Medicine as: ....comprehensive medical care with particular emphasis on the family unit, in which the physician's continuing responsibility for health care is neither limited by the patient's age or sex nor by a particular organ system or disease entity.

Family Medicine is the specialty in breadth which builds upon a core of knowledge derived from other disciplines - drawing most heavily on internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, surgery and psychiatry - and which establishes a cohesive unit, combining the behavioral sciences with the traditional biological and clinical sciences. The core of knowledge encompassed by the discipline of family medicine prepares the family physician for a unique role in patient management, problem-solving, counseling and as a personal physician who coordinates total health care delivery.

Family Medicine requires a comprehensive approach to learning and thus a carefully planned curriculum by each student is necessary to reach individual educational goals. The core requirements are those of the General Major, however students interested in Family Medicine are encouraged to meet regularly with their advisor to review course selection, discuss areas of interest, and plan for postgraduate education. Frequently selected courses include Emergency Medicine, surgical subspecialties, and medical areas including Rheumatology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Hematology, Cardiology and Gastroenterology. Additional office-based experience is also recommended. We offer an Acting Internship in Family Medicine for those students interested in a hands-on opportunity to learn about residency training in Family Medicine.

Students interested in Family Medicine should consider selecting an advisor from the full-time faculty of the Department of Family Medicine. Questions may be directed to Anya Streeter, M.D.

Visiting Students

UVM College of Medicine is currently only accepting visiting students from other United States schools and LCME-accredited Canadian Schools. A list of LCME-accredited Canadian Schools can be found here.

Interested visiting students are encouraged to complete an application via VSAS.



Anja Jokela, MD (L) and Anya Streeter, MD (R)

Family Medicine Courses

  • FM1006, Scholarly Project
  • FM1008, Reading Elective
  • FM1090, FM Extramural
  • FM1095, FM Intramural
  • FM1110, Introduction to Integrative Medicine
  • FM1120, Acting Internship (UVM Medical Center)
  • FM1126, Outpatient Family Medicine in Vermont
  • FM1127, Ecosystem Change and Human Health
  • FM1129, Underserved Rotation
  • FM1135, Palliative Medicine
  • FM1140, Lactation Management
  • FM1150, LGBT Health in Our Community
  • MD3089, Introduction & Integration of Core Global Health Topics