Past Development Events

The Office of Faculty Affairs is committed to offering valuable workshops and opportunities to help our faculty enhance their professional skills. Two new initiatives were fully launched in the spring of 2018; the Career Matters series and Research Tapas. Each Series is a presentation of no longer than 20 minutes with lots of time for questions and conversation on the relevant topic. In addition, the Office of Faculty Affairs routinely invites external presenters to host workshops to enhance faculty grant writing. 

Please find below a combination of Research Tapas and Career Matters recordings from the spring 2018 term. 

Share with us the types of development opportunities you are looking for. 

Connect with Erin Montgomery (802) 656-9925 or Charlie Irvin,Ph.D (802) 656-2156. 

"Gee, I wish I'd Validated the antibody before I wrote the paper - A discussion of antibody specificity issues"
Doug Taatjes, Ph.D.Research Tapas


"How to Effectively Chair a Committee"
Charlie Irvin, Ph.D.Career Matters


"Approaching Foundations"
Gordon Jensen, M.D.Research Tapas4/18/2018
“H-Index and Alternative Measures”
Chris Huston, M.D.Career Matters4/4/2018
“‘Danger Will Robinson’ Avoiding Predatory Journals, Editorial Boards and Meetings” 
Charlie Irvin, Ph.D.Research Tapas3/21/2018
Setting Up Collaborations- Dos and Don’ts
David Warshaw, Ph.D.Career Matters3/7/2018
“The Divide Between Science and Commerce”
Christopher Francklyn, Ph.D.Research Tapas2/21/2018
The Impact FactorGary Ward, Ph.D.Career Matters2/7/2018
How to Respond to ReviewersCharlie Irvin, Ph.D.Research Tapas1/17/2018
"Rigor and Reproducibility"
Doug Taatjes, Ph.D.
Research Tapas12/6/2017
"NIH Biosketchs"
Matthew Poynter, Ph.D.Research Tapas11/8/2017
"Your New CV Format"
Charlie Irvin, Ph.D.Research Tapas10/18/2017