Wilderness Medicine

Wilderness Medicine in the Emergency Medicine Residency

We are excited to offer our residents a high quality longitudinal wilderness medicine curriculum. Our intern orientation will include a hike up one of our highest local peaks and cover some fundamental skills in caring for patients in austere and remote environments. Our weekly conferences will include both classroom didactics and outdoor hands-on sessions, covering the American Board of Emergency Medicine Core Content relating to wilderness medicine.

Interested residents will be offered mentorship to develop teaching and leadership roles as they progress through the curriculum. Residents interested in pursuing a career in academic wilderness medicine will be supported in developing research and educational projects, with opportunities for presentation at our developing Wilderness Medicine Conference in Burlington, VT and at nationally recognized research forums. Residents who wish to pursue skills within the subspecialty will have opportunities to participate in search and rescue (SAR) teams, work alongside ski patrol, and utilize expedition medicine skills. Our graduating residents will not only have competence in wilderness medicine core content, but will be equipped to actively participate in wilderness and event medical care, take leadership roles in wilderness and rescue organizations, or successfully enter a wilderness medicine fellowship program.

Wilderness Medicine Elective

The UVM Wilderness Medicine Elective at the Larner offers students an opportunity to focus on both the content and unique problem solving and cognitive approach to caring for patients in remote or austere environments.  Fourth year medical students will have an opportunity to synthesize many clinical topics in an innovative curriculum including unique problem-based learning cases, hands-on practical technical skills, and simulated management of wilderness medical cases. 

The course is a 2-week intensive curriculum based out of Burlington, Vermont, and many off-site sessions will take advantage of our easy access to local environments and wilderness settings. The course may include both day outings and overnight adventures.  Students will work closely with emergency medicine faculty and staff as well as local Search and Rescue (SAR) team members.

Wilderness Student Interest Group

Our wilderness medicine student interest group (SIG) provides opportunities for medical students to foster their desire to learn more about the field of wilderness medicine before entering residency. The LCOM SIG is a very active and committed community that draws on experience that students acquired prior to medical school as well as the growing interest of those new to the field. We host acclaimed regional speakers, faculty lectures and various events in the wilderness setting. Our SIG events are exceptionally popular; please contact the present SIG leadership to be added to our community.