SURG 200 - Introduction to Emergency Medicine Research 

Learn the foundations of human subjects research and the flow of the UVMMC Emergency Department in this 4 credit intro courseEMRAP Photo for SURG 200 Course

  • Offered Fall and Spring semesters
  • Pre-requisites: Minimum sophomore class standing and instructor permission
  • Post-bac students are welcome
  • 2 lectures per week focused on the foundations of clinical research

Clinical Research Lab:

  • Shadow physicians, nurses, PA’s, EMTs, and EMS in the emergency department
  • Learn blood processing skills in a research laboratory
  • Learn how to obtain informed consent from standardized patient in the simulation lab
  • Grand Rounds events & Journal Club 

Labs are scheduled after registration is complete. Expect to have 4 hours of clinical lab time per week.

If you wish to enroll in SURG200 next semester, you must receive an override. Please fill out this form to request an override.

Students are saying:

“I really liked the lectures. Well put together, funny, thoughtful, and informing.”

“Loved the course, can’t wait for SURG201.”