We teach students and residents to approach every patient as a unique opportunity to learn and improve as a clinician. Students integrate knowledge from medical school, learn to evaluate the undifferentiated patient, and develop management plans. Residents learn to incorporate evidence-based medicine, task-switch between multiple cases, and make critical decisions while considering the patient experience. All of this occurs in a fast-paced, complex, high-acuity environment, with direct attending supervision at the bedside. 



Our faculty are committed to excellence in education, scholarship, innovation, and quality care. We have nationally-recognized leaders in ultrasound, wilderness medicine, EMS, and neurocritical care. Three of our faculty are heavily involved in global health efforts, including building emergency care systems in African countries. Five of our faculty members provide medical direction and education for EMS providers. Our research efforts center on topics such as point-of-care ultrasound, coagulopathy of trauma, addiction interventions, and prehospital resuscitation. 

Laurel and Alain


Our goal is to train students and residents to provide excellent patient care while demonstrating our core values of humility, compassion, and integrity. In our emergency departments, we depend on our nurses, physician assistants, EMT’s, and support staff as critical members of our team. Students and residents who train with us receive the personal mentorship and teaching to develop a successful career in any setting. Our team aims to develop independent, insightful physicians dedicated to life-long learning and personal growth.