Why We Chose Vermont?

Sarah Schlein

Sarah Schlein

Vermont is a place where you can grow deep roots while simultaneously having a sense that you are living a paradise vacation everyday. Born and raised here, I traveled and lived in other places with higher peaks, enormous swaths of wilderness, or larger cities, yet the Vermont Mountains have always called me back. I love living in a place where on my way home from work I can jump into any number of crystal clear swimming holes, and arrive home to find my 2 boys eating out of our garden and collecting eggs from our chickens.  Before leaving for work I can backcountry ski to the ridgeline above our land and make a line of gleeful turns before my easy 35 minute traffic-less commute to my dream job.  This is a landscape where you can jump on your bike and ride back roads through fields and mountain passes and through dozens quaint small towns with charming cafes and eateries. From the muddy roads, warmth of wood heat, shoveling my car free on a powder day to the smell of boiling sap, nightly outdoor music and picnics during the summer, and vibrant local farm scene, this is where we were determined to raise our family and build a homestead. Everyday I am thankful for the opportunity to work with such fabulous and kind colleagues, and to live in paradise.

Peter Weimersheimer

Peter WeimersheimerAs a region, Vermont is one of those places that gets under your skin.  It’s a beautiful rural area with great access to the outdoors and a full spectrum of outdoors activity, from extreme downhill mountain biking to painting sunsets from scenic vistas. It’s an area with a great New England community where people treat each other well and are tolerant of diverse opinion. It also has incredible cultural access for its relative size and with its proximity to Montreal and Boston. Then there’s the UVM Medical Center, where most check their egos at the door and work together to take outstanding care of their patients and to advance academic medicine. In short, UVM affords the amazing opportunity to work at an academic medical center committed to excellent patient centered care and research while living in a vibrant community in beautiful Vermont!

Keith Curtis

Keith CurtisI chose Vermont because it is one of the only places on the east coast where you can have all of the academic excellence of a tertiary referral, level 1 trauma, teaching hospital while still having the amazing quality of life that comes from living in the mountains.  All this in one of the coolest college towns in the northeast. I came for those reasons, I stayed for the genuinely kind and grounded colleagues I get to work with every day. It doesn’t hurt that there is always a new trail to hike and a new microbrew to try.

Laurel Plante

Laurel PlanteI moved to Vermont as a young girl and, even though I left for a while, I always knew I would return to raise my family here.  I think the thing I love most about Vermont is that there are four clear, separate seasons, and so many fun things to do in each.  Spring (after mud season passes!) brings beautiful flowers, maple syrup and sunny weather - and the knowledge that warm weather is on its way.  Summer in Vermont is amazing: warm weather (often much warmer than most would expect), Lake Champlain, hiking in the Green Mountains, golfing, festivals - so much to do.  Fall is perhaps my favorite season - the air is cool and crisp, the leaves are gorgeous and the activities switch to hay rides and apple picking and pumpkin patches.  Finally....it's ski season!!!  Bring on the snow!!  As far as I'm concerned, the more the better - until it's spring and time to start all over again.  As each season approaches, it's easy to become excited about the activities unique to that season, and I think that's what makes Vermont such a fascinating state to live in.  I can't imagine living anywhere else.

Matt Siket

Siket photo 21I was born and raised in coastal Maine and spent the first several years of my emergency medicine career in Rhode Island. While I’ve loved each place that I’ve lived and worked, nowhere feels more like home than here in Vermont. My wife and I were married many years ago in Stowe and we’ve always had a deep connection with this state. In our eyes, it’s the ideal place to work and play all four seasons of the year. We value an active lifestyle and want to raise our kids to appreciate the beauty of the environment around us. Beyond being an outdoor enthusiast’s mecca, we love Vermont because it is filled with Vermonters. There’s no place we’d rather be!



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Mark Bisanzo

Mark Bisanzo

After attending Middlebury College, I always knew that I wanted to live in Vermont and raise my family here.  The quality of life is unmatched – unlimited access to outdoor activities, the emphasis on fresh foods grown or made locally, a landscape framed by mountains, and a true sense of community make Vermont unique. The opportunity to build an academic emergency medicine program with an amazing group of colleagues and practice medicine in a collegial, collaborative Health Network is the foundation for a very satisfying career. The many traditions and activities Vermont has to offer and our community here enrich our family life.  True work-life balance!

Katie Dolbec

Katie DolbecI graduated from the UVM College of Medicine (now the Larner College of Medicine) in 2010 and returned to my home state of Maine for residency and fellowship. Despite intending to settle in Maine, my husband and I found ourselves missing Vermont and all that it has to offer. We were thrilled when a job became available at UVM Medical Center, affording us the opportunity to return. We moved back in 2016 and are happy to be able to raise our two kids as Vermonters. We spend our free time skiing, hiking, biking, paddling, and enjoying the outdoors.




Skyler Lentz

Lentz hiking240Vermont is a great place to live and work. It is incredibly rewarding to provide advanced care in a rural state. I am lucky to work with fantastic colleagues both in the ICU and in the ED. My wife and I enjoy being close to the mountains both in upstate New York and Vermont. There is no shortage of weekend trips including Montreal and the Maine beaches. In the summer, we love to go hiking with our black lab and in the winter, we ski every chance we get. Burlington has all of the amenities you need with a beautiful lake view. There is nothing better than having a double IPA while overlooking the lake in the summertime.

Rich Bounds

Rich Bounds

I have always loved visiting Burlington, and, ever since my residency in Pittsburgh, I have kept an eye on the UVM website and an ear to the national discussions to see if they would ever start an EM residency program. But the career timing has paid off for me, and I have not just joined the faculty at UVM, but have been given the opportunity to build our new residency program . . . a dream come true! As a husband, father, physician, educator, and athlete, it is challenging to juggle all the roles and competing demands, and I struggled with this in the first decade of my career. Vermont is a place where people truly value balance, and the culture is one that fosters relationships, healthy living, and getting outside . . . a lot! The mountain biking and running trails, the ski slopes and cross-country terrain, and Lake Champlain’s beautiful beaches provide endless opportunities to explore and enjoy time with my friends and family. The lifestyle, combined with the incredible academic resources and the amazing people at UVM, make this the ideal place to practice and to train EM residents.

Dan Barkhuff

Dan BarkhuffVermont is an incredible place to live with a lot of outdoors activities for a family. We love the seasons and we love the rural nature of the state. Some of what attracted my wife and me is what wasn’t in Vermont, namely an EM residency and a top level boxing gym. I want to play a role in bringing both of those to the state. Finally, we have three young daughters and we can’t think of a better place for them to grow up. My wife is UVM faculty as well, and is a neonatologist. Finding academic jobs for a couple at the same hospital can be a challenge, and we’re very lucky to be here.


Joe Ravera

Joe RaveraAfter growing up and attending college in California, I had the pleasure of coming to Vermont for medical school. It was then that I learned to love the academic environment of the medical school and the hospital. Outside of academics, I learned to appreciate the lifestyle that Vermont had to offer. After a brief stint away training in Los Angeles, and living overseas in New Zealand, my wife and I decided to return to Vermont in the summer of 2017.

I love Vermont for the high-quality care we provide, the close-knit community of patients and physicians, and the opportunity to practice and teach emergency medicine at an academic medical center with rural outreach. On my days off you will likely find me doing any one of a number of outdoor activities: hiking, mountain biking, skiing, or being on the water.  Where else can you practice high level emergency medicine at an academic center and be an hour's drive to so many adventures?

Nick Aunchman

Nick AunchmanThe choice for me to work and live in Vermont was an easy one. I didn’t discover Vermont -- I’ve been here all along. I was born at the Medical Center Hospital of Vermont (now UVMMC) in 1981 and grew up here in Chittenden county. I spent my adolescence playing in Lake Champlain and hiking, skiing, and exploring the Green Mountains. I left the state for college and residency only to happily return home after both. I met my wife at the UVM College of Medicine in our first week, and now we’ve started to raise our family here. I’ve traveled the world and experienced many different cultures and countries, but they always make me yearn to come back home. Vermont is one of those places on the planet where everyone is comfortable in their own shoes and happy to be who they are and where they are. My fondest memories in life are those I’ve had here in Vermont; as a child, as a teenager, and as an adult. I love watching my children play outside in summer or discover snow in winter. Working at the Medical Center now is just incredible. I was born and raised here, and to work alongside those who taught me and give back to the community that raised me is a dream come true. I could not imagine a better job or colleagues than I have now.