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Racism, Health and Medicine


Celebration of Gender Equity in Medicine and Science

  • 2022 Annual Celebration of Gender Equity Lecture and Award Ceremony, "Shining A Light on Gender Equality in the Health Sector: The Role of Global Health 50/50 In Using Data for Advocacy" with keynote speaker Sarah Hawkes, BBS, DTM&H, Ph.D., FFPH, Professor of Global Public Health, Institute for Global Health, University College London.


Gender Equity Education Series Lectures 


UVM Martin Luther King, Jr. Health Equity Lectures


Imbasciani DiSalvo LGBTQ Health Equity Lecture


Stereotype Threat in Medicine

  • 2015 Mud Season Retreat, "Stereotype Threat in Medicine" - Sunny Nakae, Ph.D.

    Dr. Nakae aims to educate and raise awareness learning about  stereotype threat and its impact on learners and professionals in campus and healthcare settings.


Social Justice in Medicine

  • Social Justice in Medicine Lecture, "The Bullet is the Pathogen: Closing the Revolving Door of Violence" - Rochelle Dicker, M.D., Director, Wrap Around Project.  

    UVM COM Alumn Rochelle Dicker, MD, discusses the San Francisco Wraparound Project, whose mission is to stop the revolving door of violent injuries.  Wraparound, together with other community-based organizations, has successfully helped reduce the rate of violent injury.