Gender Equity Initiative

The Gender Equity Initiative seeks to increase the representation, advancement, and workplace satisfaction of women identified community members and other genders currently underrepresented at the Larner College of Medicine. Through education, recognition of achievements, and advocacy, the Gender Equity Initiative seeks to foster a safe, equitable, and just work environment for the benefit of all community members. 

We understand that “gender equity” is not a “woman’s issue.”  It affects everyone in our work environment, and all voices are necessary to achieve our goals.  We understand that inclusive and equitable teams stimulate and propel our work in medicine and science and know that structural and cultural barriers exist that impede advancement based on gender.  Through education, recognition of achievements, and advocacy, the Gender Equity Initiative seeks to foster a safe, equitable, and just work environment for the benefit of all community members.


  • To promote equitable career advancement and professional development for  women-identified and non-binary faculty, staff and students
  • To assure that women and non-binary people attain senior faculty and staff ranks and leadership roles at LCOM.
  • To critically examine recruitment, retention and promotion of faculty and staff by gender
  • To review LCOM policies and benefits that affect gender equity (such as family leave, flexible work schedules, onsite childcare) and makes recommendations to increase family friendly policies at LCOM
  • To develop mentorship and networking opportunities for women-identified and non-binary faculty, staff, and students
  • To bring awareness of the importance of gender equity and gender-based biases to the LCOM community
  • To assure that the LCOM environment is safe and free of gender harassment
  • To recognize outstanding achievements on the part of LCOM women-identified and non-binary faculty, staff, and students 

Gender Equity Steering Committee (GESC)

The Gender Equity Steering Committee guides the mission and goals of the Gender Equity Initiative.  It is comprised of LCOM community members representing different stages of career from across clinical and basic science departments.  The committee is intentionally diverse with members from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds as well as gender identities and sexual orientation.  Working groups of additional faculty and staff that coalesce around a selection of the above goals report to GESC on a monthly basis.  

Elizabeth Bonney, MDProfessorObstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences

Anne Dougherty, MD, Chair 

Associate Professor, Gender Equity Liaison - ODEIObstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences
Nathalie Feldman, MDAssociate Professor, Director of the Learning EnvironmentObstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences
Pam Gibson, MD ProfessorPathology
Ramsey Herrington, MDChief, Emergency Medicine; Assistant ProfessorSurgery
Friederike Keating, MDProfessor Medicine Cardiology
Prema Menon, MD, PhDAssociate Professor; Interim Assistant Dean for StudentsMedicine - Pulmonary and Critical Care
Jennifer NachburPublic Relations DirectorLCOM Office of Communications
Katie Wells, MDAssistant ProfessorEmergency Medicine
Joanna Conant, MDAssistant ProfessorPathology
Macaulay Onuigbo, MDAssociate Professor MedicineNephrology
Leigh Ann Holterman, PhDAssistant ProfessorTeaching Academy 
James Stafford, PhD Assistant ProfessorNeurological Sciences

Gender Equity Awards

Taking place during Women’s History Month in March, the Celebration of Gender Equity with its concommitant Annual Gender Equity Lecture serves multiple purposes in academic medicine.  Not only does it call out the achievements and contributions of individuals, but it also broadcasts the individual's presence to a wider audience, is noted on their CV, and is a signifier of the reputation of the individual which helps in the promotion process. Learn more


Upcoming Event



How is Narrative Perspective: Reflections on Learning and Caring

 Alice Fornari, EdD, FAMEE, RDN, C-HEC .

Professor, Science Education, Occupational Health, Family Medicine
Associate Dean, Educational Skills Development, 

Zucker SOM at Hofstra/Northwell 

Vice President, Faculty Development, Northwell Health


12:00 PM – 1:00 PM


Gender Equity Education Series

Lessons Learned, Lessons Observed
A Global Perspective on Disability
and the Scientific Workforce

Anne Elizabeth Sumner, M.D.
Senior Investigator at NIH, Chief of the Section of Ethnicity and Health,
Founding Director of the NIH-Rwandan Health Program

MONDAY, MAY 2, 2022
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM


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