Services Coordinated

CVRI-VT fosters research by coordinating use of equipment or sharing of technical resources among investigators. We recognize that key to the ability to conduct meaningful, impactful research is access to highly skilled technicians, state of the art equipment, and appropriate funding--however it is not always possible or fiscally prudent to purchase specialized equipment or find technicians with very specific skill sets.

By serving as a bridge between investigators with equipment assets and those needing equipment and between highly skilled technicians with availability to provide services and investigators needing those skills, CVRI-VT plays a critical role in making ground-breaking research a reality.

The links to the right provide information on the equipment and services currently available for use in collaborative research initiatives.  Investigators are encouraged to identify and alert us to equipment or services that can be shared; investigators who use these resources will be expected to share in the costs associated with that use.

Grant Review and Funding

Grant Review

CVRI-VT provides internal review of and constructive feedback on cardiovascular-related grant applications. Proposals must be submitted to CVRI at least 6 weeks before the submission deadline.  Please e-mail CVRI for more details.

Funding Resources

CVRI Funding Opportunities: The annual budget developed by the CVRI-VT Board of Directors includes funds to enhance cardiovascular research at The University of Vermont.  Investigators are encouraged to contact the Director or a member of the Board of Directors prior to applying.

Medtronic:  Medtronic's Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management's External Research Program is dedicated to supporting novel investigator-initiated research advancing medical and scientific knowledge or economic value for CRDM products. Project proposals should assess one of the following:

    - potential new cardiac rhythm or heart failure device therapies or monitors;
    - possible ways to improve the technical function of existing Medtronic products;
    - ways to enhance the economic value of Medtronic products; or
    - proposed new applications for Medtronic products.

Research projects are proposed and performed via the Distinguished Research Center alliance between Medtronic and CVRI/UVM.  Budgets are typically in the range of $50,000-$75,000.  For more information, contact CVRI-VT.

Other funding resources and searches:  UVM's Sponsored Projects Administration has extensive information about searching for funding opportunities--click here to be directed to its "Find Funding" webpage. 

Collaborative Opportunities