Larner College of Medicine 2020 Employee Anniversaries

Honoring years of service to the University 

Employee NameDepartmentYears of Service

Pamela Vacek

Medical Biostatistics 44

Dawn Pelkey

Office of Health Promotions Research35

Diane Richer

Department of Surgery 35

Patricia Fagnant

Molecular Physiology & Biophysics30

Jennifer Nachbur

Office of Medical Communications25

Susan Williams

Operations 25

Kristin Bahn

Finance and HR20

Helen Brunelle

Office of Medical Education20

Therese Caron

Continuing Medical & Interprofessional Education20

Laura Clayton

Medical Biostatistics20

Rebecca Dubois

Office of Primary Care20

Beatrice Girard

Department of Neurological Sciences20

Elena Krementsova

Molecular Physiolgoy & Biophysics 20

Maximilian MacPherson

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine20

Katherine Martin

Continuing Medical & Interprofessional Education 20

Keara McElroy-Yaggy

Department of Medicine20

Edward Neuert

Office of Medical Communications20

Janet Nunziata

Office of the Dean 20

Martha Allen

Continuing Medical & Interprofessional Education15

Stacie Beuschel

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine15

Rajan Chawla

COM Educational Tools15

Sharon Cianci

Office of Clinical Translational Science15

Alyssa Consigli

Department of Pediatrics15

Laurie Gelles

COM Educational Tools15

Rejeanne Jalbert

Department of Surgery15

Gwendolynn Landis

Department of Medicine15

Patricia McClellan

Department of Pediatrics15

Debbie McDonald

Department of Surgery15

Julie Paris

Department of Surgery15

Susan Platania

Department of Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation15

Tiffany Sharp

Office of Health Promotion Research15

Brenda Shinosky

Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine15

Joanne Stetson

Department of Neurological Sciences15

Nirav Daphtary

Department of Medicine10

Scott Hipko

Department of Radiology10

Jennifer Holmes

Office of Clinical Trials Research10

Pamela James

COM Information Systems10

Cary Jewkes

Office of Admissions10

Erin Post

Office of Medical Communications10

Jessica Rooney

Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine10

David Towle-Hilt

COM Information Systems10