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Current UVM/UVM Health Network RSS/Grand Rounds activities that are being recorded can be made into Enduring Materials without the cost of an application fee. However, this is considered a new program and, as such, a new application will need to be completed. Please reference instructions found in the Quick Links box to the right.


Q.  What resources are available for remote education?

  • See LCOM Zoom Guide in the Quick Links box to the right.
  • See Skype large meeting group tips from Nick Jabour - these tips are largely transferable to Zoom meeting as well.

Q.  Do you have suggestions on how to replace guest speakers?

UVM CMIE has a list of presenters from the past 4  years if you need a local presenter on a particular topic.

Q.  Do Zoom/Skype meetings still count as a "live" activity for credit?

Yes, if you allow participants to ask questions either verbally or through the Chat function.


Q.  What is an Enduring Material (EM)?

An "Enduring Material" (EM) is an activity that can be viewed at any time. Once approved, a recorded lecture will be available for credit for two years. . . it endures.

Q.  Can we record our meetings and have them count for credit?

Yes, but..... There is some work to be done in order to format these according to ACCME standards. Please contact if you wish to being the process.

  • We will duplicate your original application (so that you don't have to recreate the wheel) and will then give you instructions on what needs to be done to meet accreditation requirements.
  • The initial push can seem labor intensive but additional recordings should be quite easy after that initial effort.
  • Suggestion - Record the live presentation and upload to MS Stream for distribution. It has worked well for Anesthesia and Pediatrics - and it is easy to send to us as a link for uploading.
  • Suggestion - Assign someone to ensure that the streaming is meeting HIPAA Standards as they are being recorded.
  • Suggestion - From the outset, obtain approval from the speaker to be recorded, along with 3 test questions. Do this during the invitation/planning stage.

Q.  Why do we have to go through this extra work?

Since participants can't ask questions in real time as they would during a live activity, our accreditors (physician and nursing) want to make sure that all learners have access to the same information. They have different requirements that we must adhere to.

Q.  How long will the approval process take?

This will depend on the volume of requests. We will do our best to fast track these applications and will try to approve them in 7-10 business days.

Q.  My original application included nursing and pharmacy credit. Will these be available for the recorded lectures?

Nursing credit will be available (if it was available on your original grand rounds application). Unfortunately, however, Pharmacy credit will not be available.