Undergraduate Alumni

The Biochemistry Program fulfills all of the curricular requirements for medical school. But it's also common for Biochemistry majors to go on to graduate school in Biochemistry, Chemistry, Molecular Biology, or related fields. Finally, several recent graduates have pursued careers in law, business, or even scientific journalism. A sampling of recent graduates is shown below.

NameYearGraduate School
Anya Gushchin2004University of Pittsburg Medical College, Ophthalmic Surgery
Alexa Richie2006UC Santa Cruz Scientific Communication Program
Elise Piscitelli2006US Dept. of Energy Joint Genome Institute
Nate Ward2006University of Vermont College of Medicine
Hans Gulstrand2007Boston University College of Dentistry
Heather McLaughlin2008Harvard University Medical College, Molecular Pharmacology
Gwen Buel2009Harvard University, Biological and Biomedical Sciences
Monique Rogals2009Cornell University, Biochemistry