Teaching opportunities:

We are currently searching for a Biochemistry instructor. If you'd like to learn more and apply, please click here.


Postdoctoral training as well as rotation opportunities are available in the following areas:

  1. Molecular characterization of intranuclear targeting signals for the organization and assembly of regulatory machinery for cell cycle and tissue-specific gene expression in nuclear microenvironment of normal and tumor cells

  2. Characterization of regulatory mechanisms controlling the pluripotent cell cycle of human embryonic stem cells and reprogrammed (induced pluripotent) stem cells

  3. Investigation of mechanisms mediating mitotic retention of transcription factors (“gene bookmarking”) as a novel dimension to epigenetic regulation of cell fate and lineage commitment for biological control and cancer

  4. Establishment of genetic and epigenetic signatures for skeletal development and bone remodeling employing genomic, proteomic and bioinformatic strategies

  5. microRNA and long non-coding RNA regulation of proliferation, differentiation and human disease including cancer and skeletal disorders.

  6. Investigation of mechanisms mediating breast cancer and prostate cancer metastasis to bone using Degron-mediated ablation of tumor promoters and tumor suppressors.

  7. Cell cycle control at the G1/S phase transition utilizing molecular, cellular, biochemical and in vivo genetic approaches
  8. Cancer stem-cell control of tumor initiation, progression, and disease reoccurrence.