Cell Cycle, Cancer and Aging

CellCycle280-220Cell division requires faithful duplication of the genome as chromatin, and subsequent partitioning of chromosomes into progeny cells at mitosis. Cell cycle progression is stringently regulated and mechanisms that ensure the fidelity of this process are often deregulated in cancer. Normal cells are growth factor dependent and commit to initiate DNA replication at the G1/S phase transition. This growth-factor dependent control of the cell cycle is abrogated in cancer cells. Our studies have established that pluripotent stem cells have an abbreviated cell cycle due to a reduced G1 phase.

All dividing cells must package newly replicated DNA into chromatin during S phase, which necessitates the coordinated expression of multiple histone genes that encode the core nucleosomal proteins. Because transcription of histone genes is tightly coupled with the onset of DNA replication at the G1/S phase transition, we have pioneered the use of histone H4 genes as a paradigm for cell cycle control of transcription. These studies have resulted in the definition of a new cell cycle regulatory signaling pathway (Cyclin E-CDK2-NPAT-HiNFP axis). This pathway converges on subnuclear structures referred to as Histone Locus Bodies that contain histone gene clusters and the regulatory machinery for transcribing and processing of histone mRNAs (see Nuclear Structure and Function). We are examining cell cycle control in vivo during the earliest stages of embryonic development from the zygote to the blastocyst using conditional null mouse models lacking critical gene regulators. Recent findings from our laboratory have identified modifications in the higher-order organization of histone genes during breast cancer initiation and progression. In utilizing chromosome conformation capture and multispectral imaging strategies we are mechanistically characterizing modifications in genome structure and function that are functionally associate with cancer-compromised cell cycle control and regulation of proliferation. 

Beyond defining basic mechanisms of cell cycle control in cancer cells and pluripotent embryonic stem cells, we are also addressing broader physiological processes linked to cancer and regenerative medicine. For example, tumor progression and cancer metastasis are examined in immune-deficient mouse models and organoid cultures (see Musculoskeletal Biology and Pathology). Moreover, we are examining mechanisms of stem cell self-renewal and expansion of lineage-committed cells as it relates to regenerative medicine and aging (see Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine). Recent initiatives are advancing understanding of the distinction between ductal carcinoma in situ breast tumors that will remain indolent and those that will progress and metastasize.  

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