Detailed Program Description for Current Students

Qualifying Exams

Each student will undergo a three-stage process that will occur during the first three years of their PhD studies. These three phases consist of: Phase I, an oral examination of the student's work during the first two semesters including class work, rotations and all seminars; Phase II, preparation and defense of a proposal based on the student's thesis project; and Phase III, a research grant proposal based on research distinct from the student's own research. Upon the satisfactory completion of these three examinations, the student is advanced to candidacy for the PhD and the Graduate College is notified in writing by the Biochemistry Department.

Minimum of 75 Required Credits for a PhD

  • Minimum of 35 credits of research BIOC 491
  • 2 credits of Graduate Seminar BIOC 381
  • 6 credits of two rotations BIOC 309/310
  • 6 credits of BIOC 301/302
  • 3 credits BIOC 370 Physical Biochemistry
  • 6 credits in upper level Biochemistry courses (two from the following list)
  • BIOC 351 Proteins
  • BIOC 352 Nucleic acids
  • BIOC 353 Enzymology
  • 9 credits of upper level (200 and above) courses outside of Biochemistry
  • Grad 497, Doctoral comprehensive exam (no credits)
  • Grad 499, Dissertation defense (no credits)


Graduate Student Progress Report Form