Graduate Alumni

Jamie Abbott, Ph.D.2018Christopher FrancklynThe biochemical characterization of human HISTIDYL-tRNA synthetase and disease associated variants
Sarah Abdalla, M.S.2012Beth BouchardIdentification of the regions in factor V mediating its endocytosis by megakaryocytes to form the unique platelet-derived cofactor molecule
Ty Adams, Ph.D.2004Stephen EverseThe X-ray crystal structure of activated protein C-inactivated coagulation factor V
Jolanta Teresa Krudysz-Amblo, Ph.D.2011Kenneth MannPostranslational modifications and activities of natural human tissue factor
Francis Ayombil, Ph.D.2016Paula TracyDefining platelet-derived components regulating the Prothrombinase Enzyme Complex
Amy Branagan, Ph.D.2012Scott MorricalImportance of DNA Binding of Gp59 Helicase Loader Protein in Bacteriophage T4
Maria Cristina Bravo, Ph.D.2012Stephen EverseUnderstanding the complexity of the protein C pathway
Shaina Byrne, Ph.D.2009Anne MasonInvesitgation of the Molecular Basis of Receptor Mediated Iron Release from Transferrin
Karen Champagne, Ph.D.2005Christopher Francklyn

Allosteric Control of the Hetero-Octameric ATP-phosphoribosyl Transferase from L. Lactis Involves a Histidyl-tRNA Synthetase Paralog

Jianhong Chen, Ph.D.2013Scott MorricalStructure and function of eukaryotic RAD51 recombinase and its variations in cancer
Justin Decarreau, Ph.D.2011Christopher BergerLoops and switches: how ADP release is coordinated in smooth muscle myosin
Brian Eckenroth, Ph.D.2007Robert HondalThe mechanism of high Mr thioredoxin reductase investigated by semisynthesis and crystallography
Ammon Fager, M.D./Ph.D.2009Paula TracyThe Characterization of a Procoagulant Human Platelet Subpopulation
Joshua Farb, Ph.D.2006Scott MorricalAllosteric Regulatory Dynamics of the T4 Presynaptic Filament
Mindy Farris, Ph.D.2008Christopher FrancklynRegulation of gene expression by the retinoic acid receptor alpha requires synergistic binding of transcriptional co-factors and response to ligand
Jaqueline Gertz, PH.D.2015Beth BouchardCellular and molecular events regulating factor V endocytosis by megakaryocytes
Ethan Guth, Ph.D.2009Christopher FrancklyntRNA identity mediated control of the catalytic mechanism in E. coli Histidyl-tRNA synthetase
Peter Halbrooks, Ph.D.2004Anne MasonStructural and functional investigation of human serum transferrin
Laura Haynes, Ph.D.2012Kenneth MannThe role of flow in regulating the prothrombinase complex
Nicholas James, Ph.D.2009Anne MasonProbing the Dynamic Conformational Changes of Human Serum transferrin Using Intrinsic Tryptophan Fluorescence
Anna Knapp, Ph.D.2008Robert KelmStructural & Functional Characterization of Mouse Purβ: A single-stranded DNA_binding repressor of smooth muscle α-actin gene expression
Brian Lacey, M.S.2008Robert HondalInvestigation into the role of the C-Terminal vicinal cysteine residues in high MW theiredoxin reductases
Jie Liu, Ph.D.2006Scott MorricalA Dynamic View of T4 Presynaptic Filament Assembly
Adam Lothrop, Ph.D.2012Robert HondalThe mechano-enzymatic function of selenocysteine in thioredoxin reductases
Adam Mirando, Ph.D.2015Christopher FrancklynCharacterization of a non-canonical function for Threonyl-tRNA synthetase in angiogenisis.
Anand Minajigi, Ph.D.2010Christopher FrancklynKinetic Mechanism and Fidelity of Aminoacylation by E. Coli Threonyl-tRNA synthetase
Jon Ramsey, Ph.D.2008Robert KelmFunctional Characterization of the Sequence-Specific Single-Stranded DNA-Binding Properties of Mouse PurB
Gregg Snider, Ph.D.2012Robert HondalThe biological function of selenocysteine in enzymes: A perspective from thioredoxin reductase
Ashley Steere, Ph.D.2012 Anne MasonIntermolecular interactions between human serum transferrin and the transferrin receptor that mediate pH-induced iron release
Matthew F. Whelihan, Ph.D.2013Kenneth MannThe role of the red cell membrane in thrombin generation
Hang Xu, Ph.D.2005Scott MorricalBiochemical and structural characterization of bacteiorphage T4 recombination/replication mediator proteins

A complete list of Biochemistry theses and dissertations can be accessed at the Howe Library.