Faculty and Staff

Department Chair
Rebecca A. Aslakson, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.A.H.P.M., F.C.C.M.Professor(802) 847-2415Email


John C. Abajian, M.D.Professor Emeritus(802) 847-2415Email | Bio
Kevin Abnet, M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Erik Anderson, M. D. AssociateProfessor(802) 847-2415Email
Ryan Anderson, M.D., Ph.D.Associate Professor  
Stephen Patrick Bender,  M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2415Email | Bio
Ariel Bensimhon, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415 Email
Dani Bliss, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415 Email
Melissa Davidson, M.D.Professor (802) 847-2415Email | Bio
Jesus David Dominguez, M.D.Assistant Professor  
Rebecca Evans, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Borzoo Farhang, D.O.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Jennifer Gage, M.D.Assistant Professor (802) 847-2415Email
Akshat Gargya, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Paige Georgiadis, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Lyle Gerety, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Lydia Sophie Grondin,  M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2415Email | Bio
Naeem Haider, M.D.Assistant professor  
Mark P. Hamlin, M.D.Professor(802) 847-2415Email | Bio
William Hart, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Mark Hoeft, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
F. Louis Kirk, M.D. Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415 Email
John Klick, M.D.Associate Professor  
Tiffini Jaye Lake,  M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-3737Email | Bio
Ann Frances Tuxbury Lawrence,  D.O.Associate Professor(802) 847-2415Email | Bio
James Stephen Limanek,  M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2415Email | Bio
Christopher Manfred, M.D.Clinical Attending(802) 847-2415Email
Gregory Manske, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Bridget Marroquin, M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Jacob Martin, M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Scott McQuilkin, D.O., MHPE, FASAAssistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Monika Modlinski,  M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email | Bio
Marian Murphy, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Amy Odefey, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Corey Sheahan, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Jaspinder Sra, M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Emily L. Stebbins, M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2415Email
William Tharp, M.D., PhDAssistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Mitchell Hon-Bing Tsai,  M.D., MMMProfessor(802) 847-2415Email | Bio
Brian Waldschmidt, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Emmett Whitaker, M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2415Email|
James Wolf, M.D. Assistant Professor(802) 847-2415Email
Zhu, Cheng-Cheng (Alyssa), M.D.
Assistant Professor
(802) 847-2415Email
Part-Time Clinical Faculty
Sara Barrows, AAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Erica Belida, CRNAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Jean Brana, CRNAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Karen Clark, AAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Lindsay Couture, CRNA (802) 847-2415 
Tenylle Critchlow, CRNA Clinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Jennifer Danles, CRNAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Paul Dunn, AAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Matthew Fazio, AAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Jay Ginns, AAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Don Harmeyer, CRNAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Nathan Horn, AAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Karolina Lapinska, AAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Andrea Leblanc, AA (802) 847-2415 
Alan Lei, AA (802) 847-2415 
Terence Lynch, AAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Stacy McKenna, AAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Barry Meehan, CRNAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Karl Meisterling, CRNAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Michael Millar, CRNAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Laura Neal, CRNA
Clinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Karen Nichols, AAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Katie Noel, AAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
LisaMarie Paul, CRNAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Laurie Pearce, CRNAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Cate Quill, CRNAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Robin Rabideau, CRNAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Lindsey Roth, CRNAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
Benjamin Shultes, AAClinical Staff(802) 847-2415Email
John Stitt, CRNAClinical Instructor(802) 847-2415Email
Katy Taylor, CRNA (802) 847-2415 
Lisa Whitmore, NP (802) 847-2415 
Residents and Fellows with Part-Time Clinical Appointments
Taylor Abegg-Lawrence, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Javier Blanco, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Rachel Carlson, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Robert Carpenter, D.O.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Jack Chan, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Vivek Chittineni, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Thomas Crowder, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Liana Dagdavaryan, D.O.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Jason Dixon, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Andrew Gallagher, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Jonathan Gougelet, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Marc Hammond, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Edwin Haring, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Brett Heber, D.O.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Justin Jones, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Britta Kilgus, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Conrad Koerper, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Nicole Kosmider, D.O.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Marc Kostrubiak, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Christina Litsakos, M.D. Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Joseph Migliazzo, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Matthew Nowland, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Tobias Robinson, M.D.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Angeli, Thawani, D.O.Clinical Instructor(802) 847-2415
Emeritus Physicians
Catherine M. Christenson,  M.D.Associate Professor Emeritus 
William C. Paganelli, M.D.Professor Emeritus
Eva Fraser Harris, M.D.Associate Professor Emeritus
Howard Schapiro, M.D.Associate Professor Emeritus
Robert Williams, M.D.Professor Emeritus
Debra DoylePhysician Executive Assistant(802) 847-4072Email
Kellie DutraSupervisor, Anesthesiology Ops. Support Svcs.(802) 847-2717Email
Alexander FriendResearch Specialist(802) 847-4529Email
Denis NunezResearch Assistant(802)-847-4259 
Suzanne RobertsAdministrative Assistant (802)-847-0543Email
Amy St. LouisAdministrative Assistant(802)-847-0192 
Sarah SulikowskiResidency Administrator(802) 847-0231Email