Not Accepted

It is disappointing when the goals we have set for ourselves have not been achieved. Not being accepted to medical school doesn’t have to be an end but a beginning--an opportunity to reexamine your goals and discover what it is you might now do with this unexpected time which offers you the potential to become an even more exceptional, caring and compassionate physician. Taking a close look at the AAMC Core Personal Competencies for Entering Medical Students and examining each competency, comparing it to your own life experience, may be helpful. 
Medical students to the Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine at The University of Vermont who have been accepted after an unsuccessful prior application all report that although initially they were disappointed, ultimately they were “glad” they were not accepted. With this unexpected time they were able to pursue experiences that allowed them to become an even stronger contributor to the Larner College of Medicine community and a better future physician! In the matriculated Class of 2026, 14% were re-applicants. 
Speaking with your pre-health advisor, a good friend, professor, or a mentor can be a very good first step in re-assessing and deciding which next steps to take.