Admitted Students

To enroll at the Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine at the University of Vermont, all students must complete the matriculation requirements listed below using the interactive requirements checklist in OASIS, the Online Access to Student Information and Scheduling System. You will receive an automated email with a link to OASIS in the spring, once your user account is created.

All items are due no later than July 1*. However, it is strongly recommended that you submit your completed immunization form to the Center for Health & Wellbeing by mid-May.  Upon review, it is not unusual for the Health Center to determine additional action is needed on your part before your status is considered in compliance.

* For students admitted after July 1, submit all requirements within 30 days of acceptance.

OASIS Instructions

You will receive an automated email with a link to OASIS in the spring, once your user account is created. You can visit OASIS (Online Access to Student Information and Scheduling), select “Web Service,”  select "University of Vermont" as your account, and enter your University of Vermont credentials. Once you enter OASIS, select the current academic year and click on two links listed under “Announcements” to:

  1. complete the requirements checklist and,
  2. update your academic history file.

Please reference the InstructionsMatriculationReqs-1 for more information.

Matriculation Requirements

RequirementsWhy is this required?Questions? Contact:

Review Immunization Requirements & Submit Proof of Immunization

Students must provide documentation of immunization for and/or immunity from communicable diseases and comply with all Larner College of Medicine requirements for working in a health care environment as is outlined in the Medical Student Handbook Policy 670.10: Immunizations and Other Health Information.

Completed forms, signed by your medical provider, should be submitted directly to Student Health Services at the Center for Health and Wellbeing (425 Pearl Street, Burlington, VT 05401). This year we are allowing students to scan and upload their form and supplemental documentation as one PDF document and forward it via to Phone pictures will not be accepted.

Once you have submitted your form and completed the check attestation stating that you did so, be sure to monitor your Academic History in OASIS for confirmation that your status has been deemed "complete".  The status of your reviewed records is not located within the checklist.  You will find it in your Academic History.

In compliance with Center for Disease Control's (CDC) recommended vaccination for healthcare providers, these requirements are designed to protect patients and students alike. Because students interact with their first patient on the first day of enrollment at the Larner College of Medicine it is essential that this requirement be fulfilled prior to arrival on campus.

The Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME), the US Department of Education-recognized authority for the accreditation of medical education programs leading to the MD degree also mandates that all medical schools follow accepted guidelines in determining immunization requirements for its medical students. 

Moreover, according to a 2005 study, The prediction of professional behaviour by David Stern et al., a student's ability to meet immunization requirements can provide the university with a context-bound outcome to begin measuring student professionalism.

Immunization/Serology Questions

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Student Financial Services Tasks

  • View the recorded Medical Student Financial Services Video (link coming soon)
  • Engage in a one-on-one entrance interview with Medical Student Financial Services (link coming soon)
No matter how you are financing your medical education, we would like to use this opportunity to meet you. Student Financial Services will be assisting you with tuition processes, financial aid distribution, and medical student financial wellness.

Medical Student Financial Services 


(802) 656-9203 

Technical Standards for Admission, Advancement, and Graduation Policy Attestation

Students must affirm that they can meet the Larner College of Medicine Technical Standards for Admissions, Advancement, and Graduationwith or without reasonable accommodation. 

The LCME mandates that all medical schools develop and publish technical standards for the admission, retention, and graduation of applicants or medical students with disabilities, in accordance with legal requirements. Medical Student Handbook  Policy 300.00: Technical Standards for Admission, Advancement, and Graduation states "minimum technical standards must be met for admission, advancement and graduation"; thus, all entering students must be familiar with the Larner College of Medicine's technical standards.

Disability Services at UVM Student Accessibility Services (SAS) provides Accommodations, Consultation, Collaboration, and Educational Support Services to students with documented disabilities. Please visit the Larner College of Medicine Medical Student Handbook Policy 300.00 Technical Standards for Admission, Advancement, and Graduation, and  Policy 310.00 Support for Disabilities: Technical Standards Procedure for Students with Disabilities Seeking Accommodation for more information on seeking reasonable accommodation. If you think you might be eligible for accommodations during your medical education, please contact SAS prior to your arrival to ensure that eligibility for accommodations is determined and accommodations are in place prior to the start of medical school. Please note that nothing precludes you from requesting an accommodation at any time, including after the start of medical school.

Medical Student Admissions


Review LCOM Disability Insurance Policy & complete the Disability Insurance Enrollment Form

The enrollment form is embedded within the policy. Students must specify insurance beneficiary information; thus, the form must be completed and posted to the OASIS checklist.

All students are automatically enrolled in the Larner College of Medicine long-term disability and Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance plan. In order to ensure coverage under this benefit, students must specify the name of the person or persons to receive insurance proceeds. To read more about the Larner College of Medicine disability insurance, including a summary of benefits, please review the Medical Student Handbook Policy 840.00: Disability Insurance. This requirement may not be waived, even if you have additional coverage.

Additionally, the LCME mandates that all medical schools ensure that each medical student has access to disability insurance.

Medical Student Education


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Final Transcripts


Students must provide evidence of graduation from all degree-granting institutions that were ongoing at the time of admission. Please request that your final official transcript from the degree-granting institution be sent to Medical Student Admissions.

LCME mandates that all medical schools ensure that any student accepted for admission demonstrates academic achievements, completion of relevant prior coursework, and other relevant characteristics comparable to those of the medical students in the class that they join.

Additionally, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) guidelines state that transcripts from previously attended institutions are a necessary component of a student's academic record.

Medical Student Admissions 


Familiarize Yourself with the Larner College of Medicine Medical Student Handbook

Students must agree to abide by the Medical Student Handbook.

Students are asked to complete a Student Handbook attestation as part of their OASIS Pre-Matriculation Checklist.

The University of Vermont established specific requirements for all members of University community. These University policies connect the University's mission to individual conduct, institutionalize impartial expectations, support compliance with laws and regulation, mitigate institutional risk, and enhance productivity and efficiency in university operations. The Larner College of Medicine Student Handbook contains the policies, guidelines, and rules and regulations that govern the expected roles and responsibilities of each students.Medical Student Education


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Submit Proof of Health Insurance


Health insurance coverage is mandatory for students. We encourage you to explore your options for health insurance through the university plan or via Vermont Health Connect based on your individual circumstances. Open enrollment for the university health plans begins in early June 2018.

The University of Vermont requires all medical students to have health insurance. The purpose of this University policy is to ensure that all full-time UVM students are sufficiently covered by health insurance in case of illness or injury, and to make sure they do not suffer financial hardship as a result of inadequate/nonexistent coverage. Additionally, the LCME mandates that all medical schools ensure that health insurance is available to each medical student and his/her dependents. UVM Student Insurance Office


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Additional OASIS Matriculation Checklist Items

Once granted access to the OASIS Pre-Matriculation Checklist, students must complete the following additional items within OASIS prior to matriculation:

  • Student Lockers Policy Attestation:Students must attest that they reviewed and agree to abide by the provisions of the Larner College of Medicine Student Lockers Policy.
  • Enter [and maintain] up-to-date contact information including current phone number and emergency contact information in Banner via your myUVM portal.
  • Confirm Academic History:  Confirm that you have reviewed your Academic History files in OASIS, ensuring:          
  • accurate information about your home town/state and previous degrees;
  •  you provided pronunciation of your name;
  • that if you were ever issued a M#/user
    account from FAHC/UVMMC, you supply 
    this number.
  • you indicate any dietary restrictions and related to assist event planners.

The Office of Medical Student Education endeavors to avoid making public errors when your name is announced during ceremonies at the Larner College of Medicine, beginning with the White Coat Celebration, in the first year. In addition to being listed in various ceremony programs (such as Commencement), your home  town/state/country are used by the University to report aggregate data,  as required by federal, state, and accreditation agencies.

Finally, all entering students are issued UVM Medical Center credentials to access the Patient Record and Information Systems Management (PRISM) software during the first month of the curriculum. We request details about previously issued credentials because it is important from the account management standpoint of the Internet Security Team at the Medical Center to avoid creating duplicate accounts.

Medical Student Education


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