Larner College of Medicine Dean Rick Morin, M.D.
The Dean's View: Dean Rick Morin, M.D.
Speaking at the naming ceremony

We believe the research regarding the future of scientific education is clear. As published in such prestigious scientific journals as the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and Nature, and in such newspapers as the New York Times, engaging students in active learning experiences is far superior to delivering passive lectures in teaching science. We also believe that the same can be said for the development and support of traits such as empathy and altruism, and skills such as interpersonal communication and professionalism.

Thus, with the support of the Larners, our College has been making the transformation from lectures to engaged active learning. We have developed what may be the busiest medical simulation center where our students learn clinical skills such as suturing, cardiac resuscitation and medical history taking in a safe environment. We have built innovative classrooms to support team based learning to replace lectures on topics such as diagnostic testing. We have developed a visionary four-year program of hands on, point of care ultrasound training for our students. And we have recruited what we believe is the first endowed Professor of Medical Education to lead the Teaching Academy in the development of the new teaching methods to deliver this active learning.

Completing this transformation will not be easy or inexpensive. That is why the Larners’ gift is so important to our College. It will fuel this transformation. The gift announced today will unleash the creativity and fire in the belly of our faculty to provide our students with a medical education which is unquestionably second to none.

Mildred An Alumna's View: Mimi Reardon, M.D.'67
Speaking at the naming ceremony
As an alumna who spent my career in this community, I could not be more proud to be here celebrating Dr. Larner’s commitment to our shared alma mater. He has often said that his medical education from UVM served as the foundation for his success. That, along with his deeply-held belief that philanthropy should be used to inspire others and his delight in the accomplishments of UVM medical students, have made him an inspiration to many.

Over the years, Dr. and Mrs. Larner have clearly demonstrated their commitment to these tenets with their support of the College. Today, they have left no doubt exactly how deeply they believe in the value of a UVM medical education and how committed they are to making sure the students who enter the College each year will receive an education second to none.

Soraiya Thura '18A Student's View: Soraiya Thura '18
Speaking at the naming ceremony
By so generously giving to support medical education in a sustainable way, Dr. Larner has a hand in shaping the future of medicine for myself and my classmates, and for generations to come. I can say with confidence, that this is the best equipped medical school in the nation to meet the challenges of an ever-changing health care landscape. This is because UVM is home to individuals who work so hard to learn, to improve, and to dedicate their lives so selflessly to the care of other people. I know this is true because I have been fortunate enough to get to know so many of you in this room personally. And I believe that it’s this drive to give back and inspire others that is in Dr. Larner’s DNA, but in each of our DNA as well. THIS is the common thread that will make our education “second to none.”

Today, I know without a doubt that Dr. Larner believes in me. He believes in every student standing behind me; every alumnus who was ever a student here; and thanks to this incredibly generous gift, every student who walks through this door to begin their medical education will know he believes in them too. Thank you, Dr. Larner, for providing countless opportunities for us to be the best physicians we can be, at the University that we love, and will always remember.

I give to the University of Vermont College of Medicine because the education I received here made everything great that followed in my life possible. I'm humbled that the University of Vermont has decided to name the medical college in my honor, but I'm equally grateful for the opportunity to impact the future of medical education and to inspire others to contribute to this exceptional institution which is truly second to none. - Robert Larner, M.D.'42

Robert Larner, M.D.'42

A Burlington Native Gives Back

Robert Larner's nearly 80-year relationship with The University of Vermont began during his childhood in Burlington’s Old North End, where he was born in 1918, one of seven children of a local roofer. He received his elementary education at the H.O. Wheeler School on Archibald Street, and graduated from Burlington High School in 1936. The only one of his siblings to go to college, he attended UVM in part thanks to two scholarships he received for debating and essay writing. After graduating from the UVM College of Medicine, he served in World War II, settled in the Los Angeles area to build a successful medical practice, and invested in the burgeoning Southern California commercial real estate market.
Young Robert Larner in frame