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Christine AdamsonBiobank Senior Technologist, Department of Pathology & Laboratory MedicineAffiliate Member(802) 656-3695Email
Steven Ades, MD, MScAssociate Professor, Hematology/OncologyFull Member(802) 656-5487Email | Bio
Thomas Ahern, PhD, MPHAssistant Professor of Epidemiology, Division of Surgical Research, Department of SurgeryFull Member(802) 656-3690Email | Bio
Richard Albertini, MD, PhDProfessor, PathologyAssociate Member(802) 656-8346Email | Bio
 Javad AlizadehGraduate Student, Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical StudiesAffiliate MemberEmail
Abiy Ambaye, MDAssociate Professor, PathologyAffiliate Member(802) 847-9916Email | Bio
Eyal Amiel, PhDAssistant Professor, Medical Laboratory and Radiation SciencesAssociate MemberEmail | Bio
Vikas Anathy, PhDAssistant Professor, Department of PathologyFull Member(802) 656-4573Email | Bio
Scott Anderson, MDAssociate Professor, PathologyAffiliate Member(802) 847-2172Email | Bio
Christopher Anker, MDAssistant Professor, Radiation OncologyFull Member(802) 847-7413Email | Bio
Rami Aqeilan, PhDAdjunct Associate Professor, BiochemistryAssociate Member(802) 656-4547Email
Takamaru Ashikaga, PhDProfessor, Mathematics and StatisticsAssociate Member(802) 656-4239Email | Bio


Stefan Balaz, PhD, DScProfessor and Chair, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Albany College of PharmacyAssociate Member(802) 735-2615Email | Bio
Maura Barry, MDAssistant Professor, Hematology/OncologyAssociate Member(802) 656-5487Email | Bio
Jason Bates, PhDProfessor, MedicineAssociate Member(802) 656-8912Email | Bio
Michael Bazylewicz, MDAssistant Professor, NeuroradiologyAssociate Member(802) 847-3593Email
Anant Bhave, MDAssociate Professor, RadiologyAssociate Member(802) 847-3663Email | Bio
Eric Bolf, BAGraduate Student, Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical StudiesAffiliate Member(802) 656-9677Email | Bio
Beth Bouchard, PhDAssistant Professor, BiochemistryAssociate Member(802) 656-6529Email | Bio
Kathleen Brummel-Ziedins, PhDAssociate Professor, BiochemistryAssociate Member(802) 656-9599Email | Bio
Ralph Budd, MDProfessor, MedicineFull Member(802) 656-2286Email | Bio
Melanie Bui, MD, PhDAssistant Professor, Division of DermatologyAssociate Member(802)847-4570Email | Bio
Janice Bunn, PhDResearch Assistant Professor, Engineering and Mathematical SciencesAssociate Member(802) 656-8193Email | Bio
Saulius Butenas, PhDAssociate Professor, BiochemistryAssociate Member(802) 656-0350Email | Bio
Kelly Butnor, MDAssociate Professor, PathologyAffiliate Member(802) 847-8211Email | Bio


Yang Cai, PhDMedical Physicist, RadiotherapyAffiliate Member(802) 999-0060Email
Jan Carney, MD, MPHProfessor, Pulmonary MedicineAssociate Member(802) 656-8275Email | Bio
Frances Carr, PhDProfessor, PharmacologyFull Member(802) 656-1318Email | Bio
Wade Carson, MBADirector, Radiation Therapy ProgramAffiliate Member(802) 656-0341Email | Bio
Peter Cataldo, MDProfessor, General SurgeryFull Member(802) 847-3330Email | Bio
Yana Cen, PhDAssistant Professor, Albany College of PharmacyAssociate Member(517) 974-8911Email 
Antonio Cepeda-Benito, PhDProfessor, Psychological ScienceAssociate Member(802) 656-2671Email | Bio
Jessica Cintolo-Gonzalez, MDAssistant Professor, Surgical OncologyAssociate MemberEmail | Bio
Bernard Cole, PhDInterim Dean and Professor, StatisticsFull Member(802) 656-0054Email | Bio
David Cranmer, BACoordinator, Vermonters Taking Action Against Cancer (VTAAC)Affiliate Member(802) 872-6303Email
Jessica Crothers, MDClinical Instructor, PathologyAffiliate Member (802) 656-2289Email | Bio
Brian Cunniff, PhDFaculty ScientistAssociate Member (802) 656-9899Email
Mary Cushman, MD, MSProfessor, MedicineFull Member(802) 656-8959Email | Bio


Sherry DanielsBoard Member, Eleanor B. Daniels FundAffiliate MemberBio
Paula Deming, PhDAssistant Professor, Medical Lab & Radiation ScienceAssociate Member(802) 656-2506Email | Bio
Kristen DeStigter, MDInterim Chair and Professor, RadiologyFull Member(802) 847-5057Email | Bio
Kim Dittus, MD, PhDAssistant Professor, MedicineFull Member(802) 656-5470Email | Bio
Sylvie Doublié, PhDProfessor, Micobiology and Molecular GeneticsFull Member (802) 656-9531Email | Bio
Julie Dragon, PhDResearch Associate, Microbiology and Molecular GeneticsAssociate Member(802) 656-7777Email | Bio
Julie Dumas, PhDAssociate Professor, PsychiatryAssociate Member(802) 847-2523Email | Bio


James East, MD, PhDClinical Instructor, Medical EducationAssociate MemberEmail
Mujde Erten, MA, PhDAssistant Professor, SurgeryAssociate MemberEmail | Bio
Mark Evans, PhDResearch Assistant Professor, Pathology
Technical Director, UVM Cancer Center Biobank
Associate Member(802) 656-3628Email | Bio


Tamer Fandy, PhD, RPhAssistant Professor, Albany College of PharmacyAssociate Member(802) 735-2634Email | Bio
Nicholas H Farina, PhDPost-Doctoral AssociateAffiliate Member(802) 656-4878Email
Cara Feldman Hunt, MAProgram Manager, Integrative HealthAffiliate Member(802) 656-9266Email | Bio
Daniel Fram, MDAssistant Professor, RadiologyAffiliate Member(802) 847-3506Email | Bio
Christopher Francklyn, PhDProfessor, BiochemistryFull Member(802) 656-8450 / (802) 355-3484Email | Bio
Seth Frietze, PhDAssistant Professor, Medical Laboratory ScienceFull Member(802) 656-0569Email | Bio
Andrew Fritz, PhD Postdoctoral Associate, BiochemistryAssociate Member(802) 656-4878Email


Eric Ganguly, MDAssociate Professor, Gastroenterology and HepatologyAssociate Member(802) 847-2554Email Bio
Brian Garra, MDAssociate Director, Division of Imaging Diagnostics and Software Reliability, FDA and VAAffiliate Member(301) 796-7575Email | Bio
Garth Garrison, MDAssistant Professor, Pulmonary MedicineAssociate Member(802) 656-3517Email | Bio
Nancy Gell, PT, PhD, MPHAssistant Professor, Rehabilitation and Movement ScienceAssociate Member(802) 656-9265Email | Bio
George Gentchos, MDAssociate Professor, RadiologyAssociate Member(802) 847-2405Email | Bio
Prachi Ghule, PhDAssistant Professor, BiochemistryAssociate Member(802) 656-4878Email | Bio
Noelle GillisGraduate Student, Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical ScienceAffiliate MemberEmail | Bio
Karen C Glass, PhDAssistant Professor, Albany College of Pharmacy
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Biochemistry
Associate Member(802) 724-2636Email | Bio
Andrew Goodwin, MDAssistant Professor, PathologyAffiliate Member(802) 847-5121Email | Bio
Jonathan Gordon, PhDAssociate Professor, BiochemistryAssociate Member(802) 656-4885Email | Bio
Robert Gramling, MD, DSc

Associate Professor, Research Director, Family Medicine

Holly and Bob Miller Chair of Palliative Medicine

Full Member(802) 847-4848Email | Bio
Curtis Green, MDProfessor, RadiologyAssociate Member(802) 847-4404Email | Bio
Marc Greenblatt, MDProfessor, MedicineFull Member(802) 847-3827Email | Bio
Roz Grossman, MAMeditation Instructor, Vermont Center for Integrative TherapyAffiliate MemberEmail | Bio


Elizabeth HallPost Doctoral Associate, UVM Cancer CenterAffiliate MemberEmail
Seth Harlow, MD
Associate Professor, SurgeryAssociate Member(802) 847-9555Email | Bio
Jean Harvey, PhD, RDAssociate Professor, Nutrition and Food ServicesFull Member(802) 656-0668Email | Bio
Jessica Heath, MDAssistant Professor of Pediatrics and BiochemistryFull Member(802) 656-5008Email | Bio
James Hebert, MDProfessor, SurgeryAffiliate Member(802) 656-3157Email | Bio
Ruth Heimann, MD, PhDProfessor, Radiation OncologyFull Member(802) 847-3506Email | Bio
Sally Herschorn, MDAssociate Professor, RadiologyAssociate Member (802) 847-2700Email | Bio
Stephen Higgins, PhDProfessor and Vice Chair, PsychiatryFull Member(802) 656-9614Email | Bio
Timothy Higgins, MDAssistant Professor, RadiologyAssociate Member(802) 847-3592Email | Bio
Andrea Hildebrand, MDAssistant Professor, RadiologyAssociate Member(802) 847-3592Email | Bio
Elizabeth Hipp, PhDClinical Instruction and Medical PhysicistAffiliate Member(802) 847-2597Email | Bio
Britt Holmén, PhDAssociate Professor, Engineering & Mathematical SciencesAssociate Member(802) 656-8323Email | Bio
Chris Holmes, MD, PhDAssociate Professor, Medicine
Interim Director, Hematology/Oncology Division
Full Member(802) 847-8400Email | Bio
Jennifer Holmes, BAClinical Research Coordinator, UVM Cancer CenterAffiliate Member(802) 847-3453Email
Alan Homans, MDProfessor, PediatricsFull Member(802) 847-2850Email | Bio
Robert Hondal, PhDAssociate Professor, BiochemistryAssociate Member(802) 656-8282Email | Bio
Elise Hotaling, MDAssistant Professor, RadiologyAffiliate Member(802) 847-2700Email | Bio
Alan Howe, PhDAssociate Professor, PharmacologyFull Member(802) 656-9521Email | Bio


Brian Irwin, MDAssistant Professor, UrologyAssociate Member(802) 656-5828Email | Bio


Yvonne Janssen-Heininger, PhDProfessor, PathologyFull Member(802) 656-0995Email | Bio
Nicole Jaskiewicz, BAGraduate Student, National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow Affiliate Member(603) 520-5778Email
Diane Jaworski, PhDProfessor, Neurological SciencesAssociate Member(802) 656-0538Email | Bio
Chris Jones, MScAssistant Professor and Health Economist, SurgeryAffiliate Member(802) 656-8217Email | Bio


Janet Kahn, PhD

Assistant Professor, Psychiatry

Affiliate MemberEmail | Bio
Alexandra Kalof, MDAssociate Professor, PathologyAssociate Member (802) 847-6868Email | Bio
David Kaminsky, MDProfessor of Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care MedicineFull Member (802) 656-3523Email | Bio
David Keating, MD Associate Professor, RadiologyAssociate Member(802) 847-3592 Email | Bio
Sarah Keblin, BACommunications Manager, UVM Cancer CenterAssociate Member(802) 656-3099Email
Robert Kelm, PhDAssociate Professor, Medicine
Associate Professor, Biochemistry
Full Member(802) 656-0329Email | Bio
Farrah Khan, MDAttending Physician, Medicine, Hematology/OncologyAssociate Member(802) 656-5456Email | Bio
Janusz Kikut, MDAssociate Professor, RadiologyAssociate Member(802) 847-2526Email | Bio
Charles Matthew Kinsey, MDAssistant Professor, Medicine, Pulmonary & Critical CareFull Member(802) 656-3525Email | Bio
Noah Kolb, MDAssistant Professor, NeurologyAssociate Member(802) 847-4589Email
Christopher Koliba, PhD, MPAProfessor, Community Development and Applied Economics Department
Director, Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program
Affiliate Member(802) 656-3772Email | Bio
David Krag, MD
Professor, Surgical OncologyFull Member(802) 656-5830 / (802) 598-9630Email | Bio
Allison Kurti, PhDAssistant Professor of PsychiatryAssociate Member(802) 656-3737Email | Bio


Bruce Leavitt, MD, FACSProfessor, Cardiothoracic SurgeryAssociate Member(802) 847-4044Email | Bio
Debra Leonard, MD, PhDChair, PathologyAssociate Member(802) 847-6124Email | Bio
Nataniel Lester-Coll, MDAssistant Professor, Radiation OncologyAssociate Member(802) 847-3506Email | Bio
Michael Lewis, MD, MBAAssociate Professor, PathologyAssociate Member(802) 847-3015Email | Bio
Dawei Li, PhDAssistant Professor, Engineering and Mathematical SciencesAssociate Member(802) 656-9838Email | Bio
Jane Lian, PhD
Professor, MedicineFull Member(802) 656-4872Email | Bio
Steven Lidofsky, MD, PhDProfessor, Medicine, PharmacologyAssociate Member(802) 847-2554Email | Bio
Jennifer Lisle, MDAssistant Professor, OrthopaedicsAssociate Member(802) 656-2250Email | Bio
Karen Lounsbury, PhDProfessor, PharmacologyAssociate Member(802) 656-1319 / (802) 578-8890Email | Bio
Shira Louria, PsyDClinical Psychologist, Psychological Service, UVM Medical CenterAssociate Member(802) 847-8430Email
Kimberly Luebbers, MSHS, RN, BSN, OCNAssistant Dean, Clinical Research
Director, Office of Clinical Trials Research
Associate Member(802) 656-8990Email | Bio


Carolyn Marsden, PhDPostdoctoral Fellow, Microbiology and Molecular GeneticsAffiliate Member(802) 656-0816Email | Bio
Lori MartinGrant Specialist, BiochemistryAffiliate Member(802) 656-2207Email
Elizabeth McGee, MDProfessor, Obstetrics, Gynecology, & Reproductive ServicesAssociate Member(802) 847-3450Email | Bio
Wendy McKinnon, MSClinical Assistant Professor, PediatricsAssociate Member(802) 847-4495Email | Bio
Terri Messier, BSResearch Analyst, BiochemistryAffiliate Member(802) 656-4878Email
Jill Miller, MDPathology ResidentAffiliate MemberEmail | Bio
Jesse Moore, MDAssistant Professor, General SurgeryAssociate Member(802) 847-2194Email | Bio
Scott Morrical, PhDProfessor, BiochemistryFull Member(802) 656-8260Email | Bio
Phillip MunsonGraduate Student, Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical SciencesAffiliate Member(802) 656-9677Email | Bio


Muriel Nathan, MDProfessor, EndocrinologyAssociate MemberEmail | Bio
Carl Nelson, MDAssistant Professor, Radiation OncologyAssociate Member(802) 847-3506Email
Joshua Nickerson, MDAssistant Professor, RadiologyAssociate Member(802) 847-3592Email | Bio
Janice Nicklas, PhDResearch Associate Professor, PediatricsAssociate Member(802) 656-3126Email | Bio
J Chris Nunnink, MDAssociate Professor, Hematology/OncologyFull Member(802) 656-7350Email | Bio


Patricia O'Brien, MDAssistant Professor, Hematology/OncologyAssociate Member(802) 656-5423Email | Bio
Rachael Oldinski, PhDAssistant Professor, EngineeringAssociate Member(802) 656-3338Email | Bio


Polly Parsons, MD
Professor, MedicineAffiliate Member(802) 847-5451Email | Bio
David Pederson, PhDProfessor, Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical SciencesFull Member(802) 656-8586Email | Bio
Paul Penar, MDProfessor, SurgeryAffiliate Member(802) 847-4590Email | Bio
Stephanie Pero, PhDAssistant Professor, SurgeryAssociate Member(802) 656-0766 / (802) 233-3844Email | Bio
Scott David Perrapato, DO FACOSAssociate Professor, Surgery, UrologyFull Member(802) 847-2884Email | Bio
Karina Perusse, MDAssistant Professor, RadiologyAssociate Member(802) 847-3592Email | Bio
Mark Plante, MD, FRCS(C), FACSAssociate Professor, Surgery
Chief of Urology
Residency Program Director
Director, Urologic Research
Assistant Vice Chair, Surgical Research
Associate Member(802) 847-2884Email | Bio
Aishwarya Prakash, PhDPost-Doctoral Fellow, Microbiology & Molecular GeneticsAffiliate Member(802) 656-9533Email | Bio
Patricia Prelock, PhD, CCC-SLPDean, College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Professor, Pediatrics
Associate Member(802) 656-2216Email | Bio
Angela Putnam, MADirector, Hope LodgeAffiliate Member(802) 658-0649Email


Delphine Quenet, PhDAssistant Professor, BiochemistryAssociate MemberEmail


Jon Ramsey, PhD
Research Associate; Director, Translational Research LaboratoryAssociate Member(802) 656-6613Email | Bio
Hibba Rehman, MDFellow, Hematology/OncologyAssociate MemberEmail
Mercedes Rincon, PhDProfessor, MedicineFull Member(802) 656-0937Email | Bio


Dennis Sanders, MDClinical Associate Professor, MedicineAffiliate Member(802) 655-3400Email
Geoffrey Scriver, MDAssistant Professor, RadiologyAffiliate Member(802) 847-3592Email
David Seward, MD, PhDAssistant Professor, PathologyAssociate Member(802) 656-0390Email | Bio
Arti Shukla, PhDAssociate Professor, PathologyFull Member(802) 656-8253Email | Bio
Girja Shukla, PhDResearch Associate Professor, SurgeryAffiliate Member(802) 656-9488Email | Bio
Nikoletta Sidiropoulos, MDAssistant Professor, PathologyAssociate Member(802) 847-5121Email | Bio
Richard Single, PhDAssistant Professor, Medical Biostatistics, Mathematics & StatisticsAffiliate Member(802) 656-8631Email | Bio
Michelle Sowden, DOAssociate Professor, SurgeryAssociate Member(802) 847-2262Email | Bio
Jeffrey Spees, PhDAssociate Professor, Cardiovascular MedicineFull MemberEmail | Bio
Brian Sprague, PhD

Director, Vermont Breast Cancer Surveillance System 

Associate Professor, Surgery

Full Member(802) 656-4112Email | Bio
Julian Sprague, MD, PhDAssistant Professor, Hematology/OncologyFull Member(802) 656-5487Email | Bio
Stephanie Stahl, PA

Physician Assistant, Gynecological Oncology

Board Member, Eleanor B. Daniels Fund 

Associate Member(802) 847-1400Email | Bio
Mary Stanley, MDAssistant Professor, SurgeryAffiliate Member(802) 878-4410Email | Bio
Gary S Stein, PhDProfessor and Chairman, BiochemistryFull Member(802) 656-2220Email | Bio
Janet Stein, PhDProfessor, BiochemistryFull Member(802) 656-4876Email | Bio
Stanley Stevens, PhDAssociate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health SciencesAffiliate MembersEmail
Jason Stumpff, PhDAssistant Professor, Molecular Physiology & BiophysicsFull Member(802) 656-7849Email | Bio
Yujing Sun, PhDAssistant Professor, SurgeryAssociate Member(802) 656-3655Email | Bio
Joann Sweasy, PhDProfessor, Microbiology and Molecular GeneticsFull Member(802) 656-8023Email | Bio


Douglas Taatjes, PhD
Professor, PathologyAssociate Member(802) 656-0373Email | Bio
Markus Thali, PhDProfessor, Microbiology and Molecular GeneticsAssociate Member(802) 656-1056Email | Bio
Alissa Thomas, MDAssistant Professor, Neurological SciencesFull Member(802) 656-8982Email | Bio
Joyce Thompson, MPhilGraduate Student, Cellular, Molecular, & Biomedical SciencesAffiliate Member(802) 310-3690Email | Bio
Scott TigheLaboratory TechnicianAffiliate Member(802) 656-2482Email
Michael J Toth, PhDAssociate Professor, MedicineFull Member(802) 656-7989Email | Bio
David Townson, PhDChair, Animal and Veterinary SciencesAffiliate Member(802) 656-1192Email | Bio
Erin Tsai, MDClinical Assistant Professor, RadiologyAssociate Member(802) 847-3592Email | Bio
Coralee Tye, PhDAssistant Professor, BiochemistryAssociate MemberEmail | Bio


Paul Unger, MDClinical Associate Professor, MedicineAffiliate MemberEmail | Bio


Pamela Vacek, PhD
Associate Professor, PathologyAssociate Member(802) 656-2526Email | Bio
Adrianus (Jos) van der Velden, PhDAssistant Professor, PathologyFull Member(802) 656-8976Email | Bio
Andrea Villanti, PhDAssociate Professor, PsychiatryFull Member(802) 656-1187Email | Bio
Albert van der Vliet, PhDProfessor, Pathology and Laboratory MedicineFull Member(802) 656-8638Email | Bio
Judith Van Houten, PhDProfessor, BiologyAssociate Member(802) 656-0452Email | Bio
Christine Vatovec, PhDResearch Assistant Professor, Human Health & the EnvironmentAssociate Member(802) 656-2728Email | Bio


Vernon Walker, DVM, PhDResearch Associate Professor, PathologyAffiliate Member(802) 656-3126Email | Bio
H James Wallace, MD
Associate Professor, RadiologyFull Member(802) 847-3506Email | Bio
Susan Wallace, PhDProfessor and Chair, Microbiology & Molecular GeneticsFull Member(802) 656-2164Email | Bio
Ryan Walsh, MDAssistant Professor, RadiologyAssociate Member(802) 847-3592Email | Bio
Donald Weaver, MDProfessor, PathologyFull Member(802) 847-5928Email | Bio
Kate Webster, CRAAdministrative Director, UVM Cancer CenterAssociate Member(802) 656-2137Email | Bio
Daniel Weiss, MD, PhDProfessor, MedicineFull Member(802) 656-8925Email | Bio
Rebecca Wilcox, MDAssistant Professor, PathologyAssociate MemberEmail | Bio
Cheung Wong, MDAssociate Professor, OBGYN OncologyFull Member(802) 847-5110Email | Bio
Marie Wood, MDProfessor, MedicineFull Member(802) 847-3827Email | Bio



Kaleem Zaidi, PhDAssistant Professor, BiochemistryFull Member(802) 656-4882Email | Bio
Neil Zakai, MD, MScAssociate Professor, Hematology/OncologyFull Member(802) 656-3154Email | Bio
Feng-Qi Zhao, PhDAssociate Professor, Animal ScienceAffiliate Member(802) 656-0786Email | Bio