Welcome to VCHIP, a population-based maternal and child health services research and quality improvement program of the University of Vermont. We invite you to browse our website and learn more about the wonderful work the VCHIP project teams are doing to promote quality health care for children and families.


Quality Improvement Initiatives

The simple yet powerful tools of QI provide the framework that VCHIP and our partners use to improve the health outcomes of children, youth and families in Vermont and nationally. QI techniques are highly effective in motivating, testing, and sustaining changes that result in improved health care process and health outcomes. Read more (PDF)

Quality Improvement Projects


National Improvement Partnership Network

A network of state Improvement Partnerships has emerged as a way to advance quality and transform health care practice for children. Practice-level support and a focus on system-wide improvements are what make Improvement Partnerships different-- they don't just give information; they work to facilitate change. Read more (PDF)



Research and Evaluation

The main goal of VCHIP's program evaluation effort is the systematic gathering and assessment of information to provide useful feedback about a program. In health care systems, stakeholders want to know what aspects of the programs they are funding or implementing are working well and which aspects need to be changed.

Research and Evaluation Projects

The most valuable assistance from VCHIP has been to evaluate if we are really doing what we think we are doing and if our families are receiving the care we believe we are providing."

Fred Holmes, MD, Mousetrap Pediatrics, St. Albans