Vermont Integrated Curriculum (VIC) Requirements

VIC Minimum Requirements 

  • Syllabus
    • Instructor biographies (from CATS, your dept. web page, or your own)
    • Instructor contact info (and how should students reach you?)
    • Class outline / key concepts
    • Class schedule
    • Class materials (readings, web sites, slides, etc.)
  • Reference Materials (see below)
  • Lectures in PowerPoint (Narration is recommended)
  • Discussion Questions
  • Case Study
  • Assessment Materials (quizzes and assignments)

COMET components 

  • Reference materials: A media inventory of what you have/teach from
    • Slides, videos, pictures, sketches, models
    • Do you have the rights to use these items?
    • Where did you get them?
  • Multimedia Creation. COMET can support or create
    • Streaming audio or video
    • Interactive diagrams
    • Interactive case study simulations
    • Interactive graphical assessments
    • Animations
    • 3-D models / high-resolution images
    • Hypertext reference materials
    • Narration Module
  • Any initial announcements
  • Documents to be made interactive

Because of the timed-release nature of COMET, you can give us content for the entire course with release dates so that the students work at a pace you set.