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Policy Statement

The Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine at The University of Vermont medical students who are enrolled in the curriculum have the opportunity to travel abroad at various points in the curriculum, especially during the summer between their first and second year or during the Advanced Integration portion of the curriculum.

To assist students with the process of traveling abroad for a medical education experience and to ensure their safety while traveling, Larner College of Medicine students must participate in the University’s GoAbroad Program. This applies to all international Larner College of Medicine approved credit-bearing activities; thus, completing the GoAbroad requirements are part of a medical student’s professional responsibility.

The GoAbroad program includes two phases: pre-acceptance and post-acceptance. For the pre-acceptance phase, students apply and fill in basic travel information. After the Office of International Education (OIE) has reviewed and approved the plan, students will be notified via email that they have been accepted. Students will then begin the post-acceptance phase by going back into their application and completing the required forms. Students should complete the process about 3-4 months prior to intended travel date if possible.

The University’s liability coverage is only extended to students who are participating in Larner College of Medicine approved credit-bearing activity. Students traveling for non-curricular activity will not be covered, and if such coverage is required the student is responsible for purchasing coverage from another source.


To obtain a GoAbroad account, the student must contact the Larner College of Medicine’s Global Health Coordinator The Coordinator will notify provide OIE with the student’s name, dates of travel, and destination country. The coordinator will then notify the student when they may begin the pre-acceptance phase of GoAbroad.

All International extramural rotations outside of the UVM LCOM/Nuvance Health Global Health Program must be reviewed and approved by the Global Health Leadership Team and then by OIE via the GoAbroad system. 

Applicability of the Policy

Use of the GoAbroad program applies to all The Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine at The University of Vermont students traveling abroad as part of their medical education.

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Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) Standard(s)

  • 5.7 Security, Student Safety, and Disaster Preparedness
  • 11.3 Oversight of Extramural Electives


  • 4/2/2015 Policy Adopted/Affirmed [Medical Curriculum Committee]
  • 7/21/2015 Policy Revised [Medical Curriculum Committee]
  • 12/8/2015 Policy Revised [Medical Curriculum Committee]
  • 12/20/2016 Policy Edit [Medical Curriculum Committee]
  • 3/21/2017 Policy Revised [Medical Curriculum Committee]
  • 4/21/2020 Policy Revised [Medical Curriculum Committee]
  • 2/16/2021 Policy Edited [Medical Curriculum Committee]
  • 2/21/2023 Policy Edit [Medical Curriculum Committee]
  • 3/19/2024 Policy Edited [Medical Curriculum Committee]

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