Research Innovation

SPARK-VT provides a modular infrastructure to facilitate the discovery-to-innovation-to-commercialization process. A new initiative at UVM is helping to bridge the divide between research and the marketplace by bringing promising researchers together with business innovators and biotech leaders. The goal of SPARK-VT is to address the challenges of translating novel research into the community.


Our Mission

  • To accelerate the process of moving discoveries into the marketplace.
  • To develop environment at UVM that fosters and facilitates moving innovative, collaborative research toward commercialization.
  • To increase the competitiveness for research funding involving small business and/or commercialization.
  • To educate faculty, fellows and students on how to transition innovative ideas and discoveries into commercial applications.

2016 Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following researchers:

Isabelle Desjardins, M.D.
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Robert Althoff, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and Psychological Science 
Sanchit Maruti, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
William Cats‐Baril, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Business
Andrew Kaplan, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation together with
Daniel Pflaster
President of Pflaster Consulting
Dryver Huston, Ph.D.
Professor of Mechanical Engineering with a joint appointment in Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation and
Stephen Farrington
’87 (B.S. in Civil Engineering), Founder of Transcend Engineering
Darren Hitt, Ph.D.
Professor of Mechanical Engineering with
Ryan McDevitt, Ph.D.
’14, Co-Founder and Lead R&D engineer for Green Scale Technologies