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  • May 19
    Nontraditional Funding for Startups-Revenue and Grants
    Seth Finklestein, M.D., 
    CEO, Stemetix, Inc.

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  • May 1
    Giving a Great Startup Pitch: Lessons Learned
    David Bradbury, 

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  • April 17
    The ABC's of Working with the FDA
    Sarah O'Connell Kalil, 
    COO, Boston Microfluidics

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  • March 2
    Writing a Successful SBIR/STTR Application
    Martin Mattessich, 
    CEO, L2

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  • January 23
    Navigating the Stages of Biotech Entrepreneurship: From Discovery to Exit
    Jake Reder, Ph.D., 
    CEO, Celdara Medical

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  • December 2
    What do Investors Want From Early Stage Life Science Companies?
    Richard Anders, JD, 
    Managing Director, MASS Medical Angels

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  • November 14

Strategies for Submitting a Winning SBIR/STTR Proposal
Geoff White, Ph.D.,
Discovery Consulting LLC

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  • October 24
    I have a patent application, now what? A discussion on evaluating and commercializing your idea
    Todd Keiller, MBA, 
    Director of Intellectual Property and Innovation at Worcester Polytechnic Institute 


  • October 3
    Patent Basics-an overview of the process
     MaryDilys Anderson, Ph.D., Esq. and Rebbecca Christon, Esq., Finch & Maloney PLLC

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  • May 23
    Entrepreneurial Businesses: The Beginning, the Middle, and the End 
    Richard Tarrant, 
    Founder, IDX Systems

  • February 1
    Developing a Visual Strategy Map for Your Technology
    Erik Monsen, Ph.D., Associate Professor, UVM School of Business Administration

  • January 25
    Accessing America's Largest Seed Fund: SBIR In Depth
    Jake Reder, Ph.D., CEO, Celdara Medical
  • January 13
    SPARK Proposal Development Workshop
     Mercedes Rincon, Ph.D., & Eric Gagnon
    Corine Farewell & Kerry Swift UVM Office of Technology Commercialization
  • November 16
    Strategic and Regulatory Tips for Commercializing Scientific Innovation
    Dietrich Conze, Ph.D.,  Spherix Consulting
  • November 2
    Turning Ideas into Products - Strategies for Success
    Steven Arms,
    Swarms Ventures, LLC
  • October 26
    Patents 101: Identifying and Protecting Your Patentable Ideas
    Colleen McKiernan, Ph.D.,
    Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
  • October 15
    SPARK-VT at UVM, 2015-2016
    Richard Galbraith, M.D., Ph.D., Mercedes Rincon, Ph.D., & Eric Gagnon
    UVM Office of the Vice President for Research & SPARK-VT
  • September 25
    Introduction to Patent Searches
    Eileen Lillis
    Office of Innovation and Development, U.S. Patent and Trade Office 
  • March 27
    FDA Interactions and Processes in Drug Development
    Susan Kelley, M.D.,
    Independent Consultant to Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries   
  • March 9
    Commercialization: The Customer Discovery Process
    Scott Holson,
    Technology & Commercialization Advisor, VT Small Business Development Center    
  • February 9
    SPARK-VT Proposal Development Workshop
    Eric Gagnon,
    Department of Medicine Business Manager
    Mercedes Rincon, Ph.D., Professor of Medicine  
  • January 20
    Financing Your Startup with Non-dilutive Funding
    Jake Reder, Ph.D.,
    CEO, Celdara Medical, LLC 
  • January 16
    The Ingredients of Successful Business Plan and the Art of the Pitch
    Cairn Cross,
    Co-Founder, FreshTracks Capital
    David Bradbury, President, VT Center for Emerging Technologies 
  • January 12
    Technology Roadmapping & Planning for Uncertainty
    Erik Monsen, Ph.D.,
    Associate Professor, UVM School of Business Administration 
  • December 15
    LaunchVT as Resource for VT Entrepreneurs
    Emily Piper,
    Executive Director of Burlington Young Professionals & Co-Founder, LaunchVT 
  • December 1
    Commercializing Your Invention: How to do it Yourself or Collaborate with a Commercial Partner
    John Rosenblum,
    Business and Technology Consultant, CEO, Rosenblum Strategic 
  • November 25
    Teaching the Legal Basics of Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Scientists and Engineers
    Oliver Goodenough,
    Lecturer, School of Business Administration, UVM 
  • November 17
    Intellectual Property: Protection in an Academic Setting
    Corine Farewell, D.V.M.,M.B.A.,
    UVM Office of Technology and Commercialization 
  • November 10
    Building an Enterprise
  • October 24
    The Evolution of the SPARK Program at Stanford University
    Emily Egeler,
    Stanford University's SPARK Curriculum and Program Manager 
  • November 11
    Successful Collaborations Between Academia and Industry
    Lennart Lundblad, Ph.D.,
    Research Assistant Professor, UVM 
  • November 4
    Experiences in Early-Stage Life Science Companies
    Mark Allegretta,
    President & CSO, BioMosaics Inc. 
  • October 28
    Commercializing Your Invention
    John Rosenblum,
    Business and Technology Consultant, CEO, Rosenblum Strategic 
  • October 14
    Alternative Funding Strategies
    Martin Mattessich,
    CEO, L2 Diagnostics, LLC 
  • October 7
    The SBIR and Experiences with the Commercialization Process
    Jake Reder,
    CEO, Celdara Medical, LLC 
  • September 23
    Patents & Intellectual Property
    MaryDilys Anderson, Ph.D.,
    Patent Attorney, Finch & Maloney, PLLC
    Helen Lockhart, , Shareholder, Wolf, Greenfield, & Sacks, P.C. 
  • September 16
    Office of Technology & Commercialization Resources
    Corine Farewell, D.V.M., M.B.A., & Kerry Swift, M.S.,
    UVM Office of Technology Commercialization