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simlabsupport200x125Simulation provides an ideal environment for health care providers to acquire valuable experience without putting patients at risk. Simulation touches on all aspects of health care and involves multiple disciplines including pediatrics, OBGYN, surgery, infectious disease, cardiac care and emergency medical services.

Learners can study, practice and repeat techniques as often as necessary in order to correct mistakes, fine-tune their skills, and optimize clinical outcomes without compromising the safety of real patients. Simulation not only improves technical skills, but also teamwork and communication leading to reductions in medical errors, greater efficiency and more reliable care. Simulation can also be used to evaluate the impact of new clinical processes and medical technology, facilitating the implementation of transformative health care innovations. The results are better patient outcomes, lower costs, and improved performance of the delivery of healthcare in Vermont.

Your generous donation will help the Clinical Simulation Laboratory fulfill its mission to ensure the highest level of quality and safety in patient care. Funding helps to maintain existing simulation activities and support new program development dedicated to improving outcomes in health care delivery.

Simulation saves lives! Be assured that your dollars will make a difference in our efforts.

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Interim Director of Clinical Simulation
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Larners Donate Cardiopulmonary “Manikins” to Clinical Simulation Lab

UVM Larner College of Medicine alumnus Robert Larner, M.D.’42, and his wife Helen contributed $300,000 to the College for the purchase of five Harvey® cardiopulmonary simulators.


One generous spirit

Dr. Sullivan took his deep appreciation for all the College had given him and transformed it, through his generosity, into the kind of improvements that will have a lasting impact. Read more >>