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Pilot Project Program Research Awards

Applications for Pilot Awards are currently closed. Please contact us if you have questions.

Program goals

The expectation of the PPP awards is that these will have a highly significant impact through novel approaches that can ultimately improve health care to at-risk and underconsidered populations. Such pilots could include: development of novel monitoring systems, assessment of barriers to healthcare access, and/or interventions that could impact patient awareness or health needs. Pre-clinical and clinical translational proposals that are related to the mission of the NNE-CTR are welcome. The NNE-CTR is particularly interested in pilot studies addressing questions related to addiction medicine, cancer (lung, prostate, breast and others), and cardiovascular disease (including affected by obesity and diabetes). Research that addresses healthcare issues relevant to rural communities is an additional priority of the NNE-CTR and PPP.

Award Description

Projects should be designed to produce publishable results and to provide preliminary data for an external grant application. We encourage proposals that involve collaborations between investigators across our affiliated central institutions, between basic scientists and clinical investigators, and/or between population health scientists and community practitioners. Development of multidisciplinary teams is highly encouraged. Prior recipients of a “Practice Stipend” award within the Community Engagement & Outreach Core are encouraged to work with faculty at UVM or MMC to develop full Pilot Project Applications.

  • Awards provide seed funding for initiation of translational, preclinical, or clinical research that has the potential to significantly impact health or healthcare in northern New England.
  • $10,000–$50,000, 1-year awards (funds cannot be used for PI salary support).
  • Addiction, cancer, and cardiovascular and related diseases are priorities for funding, as are proposals that address healthcare issues relevant for rural communities.
  • At least one member of the team must hold a faculty or affiliation appointment at MMC, UVM, or USM. Junior faculty are encouraged to apply and must involve a senior mentor in the application.
  • For senior faculty with established research extending into NNE-CTR with a community based physician, the research must be distinct from their current funded projects.
  • For community-based physicians to be eligible for Pilot Project Research Awards, they must have an affiliation appointment and/or a collaborating partner/academic researcher from either UVM or MMC.
  • The PI must be registered with the NNE-CTR,
Application Materials

Note: Round 5 is now complete.


Need Help?

For general questions about proposal requirements, please contact the nearest NNE-CTR Administrative Coordinator.

For assistance in finding a research partner or developing your proposal, contact Pilot Project Program Leaders:

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