Transgenic Mouse Facility

Dr. Mercedes Rincon, a member of the Immunobiology faculty, directs this facility. This facility is located within the Animal Facility in the Health Sciences Research Facility. It contains five bubble chambers for newly derived transgenic founders, storage rooms, and clean room housing the microinjecting laboratory. This laboratory is equipped with an inverted Diaphot 200 microscope, a MF-9 microfuge, a Sutter horizontal pipette puller, a PLI188 Nikon picoinjector, M0188 hydraulic manipulator, a gooseneck light guide-coupled SMZ-U stereoscope, CO2 incubator, refrigerator, CCD B&W camera, Panasonic Monitor and VCR. The transgenic facility itself has been created as a strict barrier facility to maintain a pathogen-free environment. It is funded partially by a Howard Hughes Medical Institute grant to UVM. Dr. Rincón has generated over 30 different transgenic mouse models for her own research and other investigators in the University since she established this facility four years ago. Embryonic stem cell cultures and blastocyst implantation techniques are established now at the facility by Dr. Rincón and John Dodge, the facility research coordinator, to generate knock-out mice.