Western Connecticut Health Network

WCHN Uganda 280x210Western Connecticut Health Network (WCHN) and several medical teaching institutions around the world have created international partnerships with the vision of improving patient care and medical education through cooperation and the exchange of ideas. It is hoped that exposure to vastly different health care systems and socioeconomic structures will foster a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by partner countries in providing high quality care to their underserved populations.

The fundamental goal of this partnership is the improvement of patient care. To that end, we work towards a more solid understanding of the relative strengths and weaknesses. The objectives for all players will be the enhancement of medical education and training of future physicians. The program assists the faculty at offshore sites in assessing their educational and clinical needs, designing strategies to meet those needs, and evaluating the impact of the interventions on the faculty and staff as well as on patient care.

As WCHN grows, with new practices added and the merger of WCHN and Norwalk Hospital, the global heath program was fortunate enough to add global health experts to our faculty and grow our own community right here in Connecticut. Over the year we have reached out to our colleagues at Norwalk Hospital and we are delighted to report that there is great enthusiasm and an energetic response from many faculty and residents to provide global health opportunities and to work on shaping the global heath program at WCHN.