Russia_building 280x260Kazan State Medical University (KSMU) is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Russia, and celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2014. According to ARES -2014 rating, KSMU takes 3rd place among medical schools in Russia. Today, KSMU is a recognized leader in Russia on implementation of innovative technologies in medical education. KSMU is home to more than 5,500 students in nine specialties and 40 postgraduate residency programs; 65 departments employ over 1,500 faculty members and staff. KSMU is well-recognized at the international level as well: a member of the UN Academic Impact Global Initiative, every seventh student is a foreign citizen, and more than 20 scientific schools of KSMU are recognized by the world scientific community.

Since 2009, KSMU has been an active participant in the Global Health program at UVM /WCHN, which is a great honor for us. The importance of this program has been growing year by year, and today's challenges, such as the Ebola outbreak, confirm this fact. Despite the rapid development of technology, many common diseases are still difficult to treat. Joining our efforts, experience and achievements in the framework of the Global Health program may be one of the most effective initiatives in the fight against global problems. As the leader in Russia in international student exchanges, and in cooperation with IFMSA , in the last 10 years more than 500 KSMU students underwent summer clinical and research fellowships in 40 countries worldwide, and more than 200 foreign medical students were trained in KSMU .

Participation in the Global Health program is an important international project for KSMU , and we enjoy a long-term relationship with Professor Majid Sadigh. Since 1997, thanks to a joint initiative of Professor Sadigh and KSMU leadership, more than 40 KSMU residents have completed clinical internships at Yale University that significantly contributed to their professional growth. Since 2010, KSMU is successfully collaborating with the Makerere University College of Health Sciences in Uganda, with a memorandum of understanding signed in 2014. During this time, 17 KSMU representatives completed 6-week Global Health electives in Mulago Hospital at the University of Makerere, which gave them an invaluable clinical experience. Global Health exchange programs with U.S. institutions are also actively developing: young KSMU residents have received clinical training at Danbury Hospital and medical students of the University of Vermont have completed scientific training at KSMU .

Russia_panoramic 250x98We plan to expand the Global Health program in Kazan, developing programs of academic mobility, hosting international symposiums, improving electronic resources and promoting the philosophy of Global Health in Kazan and Russia. We would be happy to host students and residents from abroad who are interested in the Global Health programs in KSMU .

During his annual visit to KSMU in May 2014, Dr. Sadigh taught over 130 students on a wide range of global health topics, biostatistics, and clinical epidemiology, and provided orientation to those who were selected to the global health Ugandan elective during the summer of 2014.

  • 8 Orientation sessions
  • 2 Lectures for KSMU 's Global Health interest group
  • 8 sessions of tropical medicine and HIV Medicine Course
  • 8 sessions on Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics and How to Read a Scientific Journal

Dr. Sadigh's seminar on tropical medicine was also led by Dr. Maya Goltz, who earlier visited Danbury for a 6-month clinical clerkship on infectious diseases and tropical medicine. The involvement of Dr. Goltz in teaching tropical medicine at KSMU is one of the major achievements of this year. We hope that she will be able to deliver seminars on tropical medicine when Dr. Sadigh is not available.

During his visit, Dr. Sadigh helped to select candidates for the summer Uganda clinical rotation. This year was very competitive, selecting just three out of seven candidates. A fourth well-qualified candidate was selected under the newly-funded program "WCHN Scholars in Global Health" program, established by Dr. Sadigh in partnership with KSMU . Under this scholarship, each year-one resident or a junior faculty from KSMU with interest in cardiovascular diseases will be selected to spend a 6-week rotation at the Uganda Heart Institute, and 4-6 months at WCHN's Cardiology Department to build capacity around cardiovascular care and medical education at KSMU . The entire expenses for this scholarship will be covered by WCHN Global Health Program. The first scholar to accompany the three residents who have been selected for a global health elective in Uganda this summer for six weeks was chosen. The clinical rotations of Kazan residents in Uganda were very successful and described several times in the central Russian Medical newspaper Meditsinskaya Gazeta.

A highlight of KSMU -WCHN collaboration in 2014 was the launch of an elective clerkship on Global Health for American medical students in Kazan. Two University of Vermont students– Ms. Bryce Bludevich and Mr. Pierre Galea – participated in July-August 2014. The Kazan Global Health office prepared the daily agenda for this elective, which included rotations in Kazan hospitals, lectures on medical topics given by Kazan professors, seminars on Russian language and culture, field trips to historical places, and research projects in the physiology and pharmacology departments. Both American and Russian students participated in social activities and found many common interests.

Program Directors

Sozinov_Aleksey 150x200

Aleksey S. Sozinov
Rector, KSMU

Ziganshin_Ayrat 150x200

Ayrat Ziganshin
Vice-Rector, International Affairs