Trauma Physiology & Emergency Medicine Research

Kalev Freeman's Trauma Physiology Laboratory focuses on studying the fundamental vascular biology changes that occur following trauma. Our overall goal is to improve outcomes for patients with traumatic injuries.

The Emergency Medicine Research Associate Program provides the infrastructure to recruit patients from the Emergency Department for ongoing research projects aimed at improving patient care.

mergedCardiovascular Trauma Physiology

Goal: To elucidate the mechanistic basis and functional consequence of changes in vascular physiology following acute brain injury.


Role of endothelium in trauma induced coagulopathy

Goal: To determine the effects of histones, polyphosphates, and thrombin on native endothelium in trauma.

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Insights Into Immuno-Vascular Coupling

Goal: To use in vivo techniques such as intravital imaging to explore endothelium-leukocyte interactions after trauma.