Physiologic Monitoring

We utilize the MR compatible BIOPAC system for monitoring vital signs. Components include the MP150 data acquisition and analysis system and AcqKnowledge software and includes hardware and software for ECG, pulse and respiration, and skin conductance. ECG: The MRI Electrocardiogram Amplifier will reliably record ECG from humans in an MR environment. The amplifier output can be switched between normal ECG output and R-wave detection. Pulse and Respiration: Pressure pad for measurement of pulse and respiration including a differential pressure transducer, sensor, and tubing. Skin Conductance: This device measures both the skin conductance level and skin conductance response as they vary with sweat gland (eccrine) activity due to stress, arousal or emotional excitement. The MRI compatible device uses a constant voltage (0.5 V) technique to measure skin conductance. The controls allow selection of absolute or relative skin conductance measurements.