The Anatomical Gift Program at The College of Medicine

Donations through the Anatomical Gift Program are an integral part of educating our students and medical professionals.

The study of the human body is the core of a medical education and gifts from private donors make advanced anatomy training possible. Our medical students, health professionals and clinical specialists rely on this generosity to study the structure of the human body and acquire research and patient care expertise.  Our Program staff respectfully guides donors and families through the donation process.  For more information about the Anatomical Gift Program, please contact us at or (802) 656-4605.

To honor the individuals who graciously make anatomical gifts to the University of Vermont, faculty, staff and students work together on a memorial tribute. This Tribute allows us to acknowledge those donors who have contributed to our courses over the past academic year and to pay our final respects to these individuals, whose studies are concluding. Family members and significant others of these – “Our Greatest Teachers” – are notified 2-3 months before the event.