Alumni-Student Network: Helping Alumni & Students connect

A network of medical alumni in various geographic areas who have volunteered to be of service to students in one of the following ways:

  • Information about a particular medical center or community in which they are interviewing.
  • Advice/ Guidance in finding a clinical rotation in a specific specialty or shadowing opportunity
  • Advice/ Information about Residency Programs.
  • Guidance finding housing / relocation information for a specific geographic area that they are headed to for a clinical rotation.
  • A place to stay during residency interviews.

There are great benefits for both alumni and students who participate in the network. Students gain important knowledge, encouragement and career support from our alums who in turn get to enjoy giving back to their alma mater and learn how medical education has progressed here at UVM no matter when they may have graduated.

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Viewing the Alumni/Student Network requires a password which will also open the Online Alumni Directory. The password is made available to alumni and current medical students. It can be obtained from the Medical Alumni office, E-mail us at, call (802) 656-4014 or stop by our office in the Given Courtyard, North building, 3rd floor.

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