Frequently Asked Questions - Clinical Campus Choice


How do students choose their clinical campus?

After Interview Day, applicants will receive an email from the Admissions Office with the Campus Selection Form (CSF) which must be completed and returned within two (2) weeks.  The applicants must select one option from the following:

  • Only Vermont
  • Only Connecticut
  • Prefer Vermont
  • Prefer Connecticut

Completion of this form is mandatory for the Admissions process to proceed.

As part of the acceptance offer, applicants will be notified to which Clinical campus they have been assigned, based on their completed Campus Selection Form.

What if the clinical campus I choose is filled at the time of acceptance? What happens then?

If all positions on a clinical campus are filled, applicants who chose only Vermont or only Connecticut will be placed on a waitlist for that particular campus.

Does the Admissions Committee have information regarding applicant campus preference when they review applicant files?

No. The Admissions Committee will have no knowledge of applicant campus preference at the time of their deliberation.

Can clinical campus assignments be changed after acceptance?

Clinical campus assignments cannot be changed during the Admissions process. If there are extenuating circumstances after matriculation, a student may contact the Associate Dean of Students for consideration. There is no guarantee that the clinical campus selection can or will be changed.

Will the education I receive at one clinical campus be equivalent to the other campus?

All students spend the first 18 months in Vermont for the Foundational curriculum. The Clinical Educational curriculum and student support on the two clinical campuses are the same. Of course, each campus has a distinctly different geographic location, different hospitals, and different patient populations. All teachers at both campuses are faculty at the Larner College of Medicine.

What are some distinct features about each campus?

You can review the Clinical Campus web page for more details.

The Connecticut Campus Opportunity
The Vermont Campus Opportunity

Urban setting, diversity of languages, racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds

Rural setting, small and mid-size cities, diversity of cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds
Close to beaches, hiking trails, rivers and parks
Mountain setting with access to lakes, rivers and many outdoor sports
35 medical students from each class
89 medical students from each class
Medical students rotate through clinical clerkships in two community teaching hospitals in Norwalk and Danbury
Medical students rotate through multiple hospitals in Vermont and upstate New York; including an academic medical center
Core clerkship rotations
Core clerkship rotations or Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship opportunities
Home of the Global Health ProgramGlobal health opportunities
Clinical research opportunities
Basic science and clinical research opportunities
Proximity to New York Metro Area
Proximity to Montreal, Canada
Intentional focus on community, public health and global health
May apply for 12-month Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship

How do I find housing in Vermont or Connecticut campuses?

On either campus, it is the responsibility of each individual medical student to secure their own housing with assistance from each of the clinical campus coordinators.